Wall decoration Culinary art

Wall decoration Culinary art

Culinary art

Discover our delectable kitchen canvases and wallpapers which are sure to bring a bit of freshness and some vitamin D into your home. Give into your cravings and update your kitchen decor with images of Italian dishes, giant fruits, exotic spices, wine cellars or country platters...

In our selection of wall decorations, you can find images of fruit, vegetables, sweets, coffee, cakes of all kinds, desserts, ice cream, food and drinks. To make your mouth water in your kitchen, we offer you original images of pastries, gourmet dishes, chocolate desserts, fresh fruit, sweets... Spice up your kitchen wall decoration with our wall decorations!

Wall decoration Culinary art
Raspberry canvas print in the kitchen
Coffee wallpaper
BLACK COFFEE wallpaper
Funny pineapple picture
PINEAPPLE HEAD canvas print

Scenolia's decorating tips

Our kitchen wall decorations are also designed for the professional chef.

Centre your restaurant's design theme around your specialities. Why not decorate the reception room of your Italian restaurant with our "pizza" kitchen wallpaper? You could even choose our "cognac cellar" wallpaper for a tasting room. For a restaurant serving traditional and local cuisine, stick to photographs of the region or natural dishes such as wild mushrooms.

Décoration murale Culinary art

Find your gourmet style wall decor

Pictures and wallpapers with a kitchen theme are popular in this room but are not necessarily exclusive to it either. Give free rein to your decoration ideas: You can hang a cupcake picture in your bedroom or a pineapple design image in your office. For vintage style, put our wine cellar poster up in your kitchen: beautiful! This trompe l'oeil transports you to an old vaulted cellar under the house. Have fun with a food-themed wall decoration with our giant lollipops.

Sweets kitchen wallpaper
BERLINGOTS wallpaper
Lollipop picture
LOLLIPOPS canvas print
Cognac cellar wallpaper
COGNAC CAVE wallpaper
Pink cup cake canvas print

You'll love these wall decor themes!