Personalised decoration:large format photo printing

Scenolia can print your photos on canvas, plexiglass, poster, wallpaper… Do you like one image in particular? We can print it for you on a medium of your choice. All our supports can be personalised with your own images.

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Printing your own photos

Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur, we can print your photo onto a decorative object. Do you want a keepsake from an important day? Whether it's from a birthday, wedding, family celebration or a holiday with friends, printing your image on one of our large format products allows you to enhance and personalise your interior and create a unique design. It could be a portrait, family photo, landscape... let your imagination run wild.
Simply send us your image and we'll let you know which formats would produce the best quality print. Choose the design with the best possible quality (high pixel count).

Customised decor

Printing a photo from an image bank

Have a particular image in mind and unable to see it in our online catalogue? Take a look through image banks which we use every day. Search for the image you want and simply send the reference to [email protected]. We'll take care of the rest. We'll check the image is compatible with your requested format (to ensure it'll produce good image quality). Before printing, we'll show you the finished, centred image in a 1:1 capture so you can check the quality.

All our styles of canvas boards can be customised

We have a number of styles of customisable plexiglass canvas: square, elongated, vertical or horizontal. We also have a number of customisable canvas prints: square, vertical, horizontal, giant. We're all about unique decor.

My personalised decor

Are you looking to personalise your wall decor? Have you taken the perfect photo or found the image of your dreams? Send us your image and we'll print it on the format of your choice, a picture, poster, wallpaper...

For decor with a personal touch

Our personalised decor allows you to decorate your interior or exterior space with an image of your choice. Your own photos or drawings can be printed on the medium of your choosing: customised posters, wallpapers, pictures or privacy screens. Our personalised canvas print is the perfect family souvenir. Why not choose a landscape from your favourite holiday, a decorative trompe l'oeil or an unforgettable moment like a wedding or a christening... our personalised canvas prints will bring your photo to life and be the perfect finishing touch to your living room.

With Scenolia, you can personalise your decor to create a unique interior and make your happiest memories the heart of your home. Creating your very own wallpaper is great fun. Which decor can be printed in large format? Excellent image quality is required for custom wallpaper printing. Photos from your phone can be printed on our canvases, but if you're after a personalised wallpaper then high-quality images are essential to achieve a beautiful result. For this reason, we also offer a selection of photos from high-quality image banks. We've partnered with 123RF so you can browse for the perfect image without worrying about the cost. We'll take care of purchasing the image for you.