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Atmosphere Trompe l'oeil and texture !

Trompe l'oeil designs refer to images that imitate a vantage point or material to make a landscape or texture look real. Want to give the illusion of having a penthouse in New York? Or maybe having a brick wall in your house? All this and more is possible with our trompe l'oeil designs!

Explore this design trend which features magnificent landscapes and 3D materials - you'll be amazed by their realism.

Looking for some wall decor inspiration?

You've come to the right place. Here's our top seller: PALM TREE ENGRAVING panoramic wallpaper. A stylish, graphic image which is perfect for decorating a living room, bedroom or office. Let its black and white design tempt you.

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Wall decor and designs by Scenolia
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Scenolia offers a wide range of wall murals which will add a whole new dimension to your interior or exterior space. We carefully select every image we use. We pay close attention to the image quality to guarantee a high-quality wall decoration. Scenolia is a brand of the Prismaflex group, who are experts in large format printing. Our team print all your wall murals to order. The Scenolia team has created a blog all about wall decoration and interior design. Come and take a look, and feel free to leave us a comment or ask us any questions: Scenolia's decorating blog.

Our wall posters are easy-to-hang wall decorations which simply pin to the wall. You will find both giant and panoramic posters, up to 12 metres long! Our wall hangings come with a fixing kit. Our wallpapers are intended to be pasted onto your walls. Choose between patterned wallpaper, photo wallpaper or trompe l'oeil wallpaper (available in single strip or monobloc finish). The large format canvas is one of Scenolia's specialities. They can totally transform your interior. Our site has printed canvases available in several materials: fabric or acrylic glass, to give your walls a glossy, design or modern touch.

You'll also find decorations for your exterior on Scenolia: like our privacy screens designed for your garden, terrace or balcony. These decorations are weather resistant and won't be damaged by wind or humidity or bleached by the sun.

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