Wall decoration and canvases by Corinne Boul

Hailing from a small village in the Moselle countryside, Scenolia are proud to present the photographic works of Corinne Boul. She's been passionate about photography and nature ever since she was a child. For a long time, she only practised photography as a hobby in order to devote herself to her professional career.

Unable to deny her passion for the art, Corinne Boul is now an active photographer. She has a particular fondness for macro photography. She likes to roam the meadows and wetlands of Lorraine (and elsewhere when she gets the chance...) capturing photos of the abundant fauna and flora.

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Who is Corinne Boul?

portait of Corinne BoulIn an interview, the artist tells us all about her passion for photography, in particular macro photography (find this on our blog).

Corinne Boul has exhibited two years in a row at the Phot'Aubrac festival: last year with her series "Du Rose en Noir et Blanc" [Pink in Black and White] and the year before with her series "Aura du sol" [aura of the soil].