Print on demand canvas

Personalize your home decor with our personalized paintings and canvas prints. Print your photo for a 100% personalized wall decoration on canvas, acrylic glass or Aluminium Dibond. More customised paintings and templates will be available soon!

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Scenolia offers high-quality custom-made canvas prints

A canvas print is one of the essential accessories for creating an original wall decoration. With its modern colors and design, it enhances the aesthetics of your walls and brings a touch of elegance to your rooms. At Scenolia, it is now possible to have a personalised canvas print with the photo of your choice to create a customised decoration.

A custom mural is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home décor

Just like paint or furniture, an original piece of art helps you establish your decorating style. When it is well designed, this accessory brings color to your home decor and enhances the aesthetics of your walls. By opting for a personalized painting from Scenolia give a new dimension to your contemporary, bohemian, vintage or industrial decoration. Personalization allows you to liven up your wall decor with images that are in line with your ideas.

A custom canvas is a practical way to incorporate the enjoyable moments you spent with family or alone into your decorating style. With a custom-made photo frame, you can showcase your best memories wherever you want, whether in the living room, bedrooms or kitchen. The personalized photo canvas print is also an original idea for a personalised gift to please a loved one.

How to get a customized painting at Scenolia?

Scenolia provides a new online customisation tool which allows you to download the image to be printed on your canvas print so as to personalise it. Thanks to an ergonomic and intuitive interface, you can order your customised canvas in a few clicks, without leaving your home. Press the "customize" button to start after choosing the material and size.

Open your gallery on your phone or computer and choose the photo you want to showcase, then import it. Make sure you choose a high quality image that is no larger than 32 MB. Make the necessary adjustments and set the artistic effects for a perfect look.

After you have calibrated the photo, you can save it and add it to the basket. It is possible to make adjustments as needed. Appreciate the final result of the product and place the order. Our  team will take care of personalizing your decorative canvas print using professional digital printers with state-of-the-art technology.

What material should you choose for your customised painting?

The choice of canvas for your photo print is an important step so as to create a personalised painting. Our original paintings are available in three high quality materials:

  • textile canvas,
  • acrylic glass printing,
  • aluminium Dibond board.

Print on demand canvas

Our textile fabrics are mainly made of polyester. Their satin finish allows for a flawless finish. Interchangeable, they fit into a reusable frame.

As for the acrylic print, it is attractive because of its glossy surface. This material is lighter than  glass and is also more resistant. This guarantees an optimal life span, as it is impact resistant.

The Dibond aluminium is a material that adapts to both indoor and outdoor conditions. Our printings  made from this material are both stainless and rot-proof. They are insensitive to heat, shock and scratches. Dibond is lighter than classic aluminium, with a sandwich structure defined by two thermo-fixed aluminium plates attached to a central polyethylene panel.

Make your choice taking into account the place where you want to place your canvas print and define your decorating style.