Paintings and photographs of horses by Cécile Domens

Cécile Domens, an enthusiastic photographer, travels around the world, exploring wild territories, to give us the most beautiful images of her favourite subject: horses. From Mongolia, through Patagonia to the lands of Camargue, she plays with light and weather conditions to create spectacular photographs. Discover its collection of wall decorations on the theme of the horse, printed by Scenolia on canvas, wallpaper, and large format poster.

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Who is the horse photographer Cécile Domens?

Photo of Cécile DomensA photojournalist and illustrator for over 15 years, Cécile is based at the gateway to the Camargue. She travels throughout the year in this territory between land and sea, photographing, throughout the seasons, the variations of light and landscapes. His passion for horse-riding peoples and wide-open spaces regularly takes him to Mongolia, the Argentine pampas, Patagonia, and the Scandinavian countries. Cécile distributes her images in the press and through a photo agency. She is also the author of several books (Mongolie, Patagonie, Camargue, travel photographies). She teaches photography through workshops and photo tours. She shares her best spots and technical tips with passionate amateurs.

Cécile has been passionate about the world of horses since childhood. She is interested in primitive breeds, their evolution and adaptation to the living environment: climate, topography, food... In Camargue, the horses live in a semi-wild state all year round, which makes it possible to observe natural behaviour in the herd. Cécile photographs horses in the wild or with a subtle human presence. She chooses particular weather conditions to create the atmosphere of her images. stormy sky, foggy day, wind, golden lights…

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