This page contains a number of explanations and definitions related to the products offered and sold on Scenolia's website. Take a look at our glossary, but of course, if you can't find the information you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • 420g PVC tarpaulins:
    The 420g PVC tarpaulin is robust and can cover a length of up to 12 m. This tarpaulin is exclusively reserved for single-sided printing. It's perfectly suited for outdoor use as it's resistant to sun, rain and wind. We use this material in some of our privacy screen designs.
  • White ink backing:
    We apply a white printing layer of transparent materials such as Plexiglass to make the colours more vivid. The design is printed onto the back of the material, followed by a layer of white covering the entire surface.
  • Edge to edge:
    The most common method of installation: the edges of the single strips sit flush with each other, they don't overlap. This method of installation is often easier than a monobloc installation. 

  • Privacy screen:
    The privacy screen is an outdoor decorative element that not only protects you from prying eyes, but also allows you to brighten up your balcony, terrace or garden...

  • Pasting brush:
    This is essential for applying paste to the paper when wallpapering. After you've finished pasting, wash the brush with water and shake off any excess water.

  • Paper hanging brush:
    This long, narrow brush is used to smooth out the wallpaper once it has been applied.

  • Agradable
    Cozy, confortable 

  • Design:
    A creative activity combining art and technology. The focus is on contemporary lines, shapes and colours. Discover our design decor

  • Squaring:
    Creating right angles.

  • Feng shui:
    A selection of zen visuals which create a balanced, gentle interior decor allowing us to relax in our home. Discover our zen decoration products.

  • Graphiti-tag:
    This is an art form that ranges from simple wall markings to much more elaborate paintings. 

  • Single strip:
    In the world of interior design, this term refers to an individual band of wallpaper. You can use a different number of strips depending on the desired length of the finished design. The single strip is an ideal vertical wall decoration. Scenolia offers wallpapers in multiple single strips, panoramic visuals cut into strips, and single strips of 0.6 or 1.5 metres wide.

  • Marouflage:
    Eliminating blisters and folds during installation, marouflage guarantees good adhesion and a good finish.

  • Monobloc:
    Unlike single strips, this is a one-piece print.

  • Occultation:
    This is the degree to which a product obscures light intensity. The term is used for outdoor products.

  • Take your decoration outside. Decorate your garden, balcony and terrace with waterproof and weatherproof decorations, privacy screens that will keep prying eyes at bay or a hanging for your terrace. See our outdoor decorations.

  • Panoramic:
    In the world of interior design, a panoramic means a product displaying a very wide, clear view. By extension, the panoramic wallpaper or panoramic poster is a very large wall decoration.

  • Patchwork:
    The true definition of patchwork is "a sewing technique that consists of assembling several pieces of fabric of different sizes, shapes and colours".
    In the world of wall decoration, it also involves the assembly of different shapes and colours.

  • Plexiglass:
    Hard, transparent and unbreakable plastic. See our canvases.

  • Psychedelic:
    In this collection you'll find posters and canvases that'll make your head spin.

  • Smoother:
    A smoothing tool for applying wallpaper in corners and removing air bubbles.

  • Open time:
    The open time of an adhesive is the time between the moment the adhesive has been spread and the moment it loses its adhesive power. The time between the moment the adhesive is applied to the wall and the moment you finish hanging the wallpaper shouldn't exceed this time. For example, the open time for our OVALIT TM adhesive is 30 minutes.

  • Textile fabric:
    Textile fabric offers a textile look and is tearproof. The fabric used by Scenolia is PVC-free. The fabric is pasted directly to the wall without the need for a wallpapering table. The fabric is easy to maintain as it can be cleaned with plain water. Used for wall hangings or canvas wallpaper.

  • Triptych:
    A triptych is a painted or sculpted work which comes in three panels. This is usually a canvas which comes in three distinct parts, for example 3 different images.

  • Trompe l'oeil:
    In the world of interior decor, trompe l'oeil aims to imitate materials such as wood, marble and stonework that blend in seamlessly with existing architecture. You can even use it to cover an entire wall. See our trompe l'oeil wall decorations.

  • Typography:
    Typography refers to the various processes of typesetting and printing using raised letters, characters and shapes, as well as the art of using different types of characters for aesthetic and practical purposes.
    Find our typography collection here!