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Patterned wallpapers, panoramic wallpapers, extra large format photographs, unique strips, trendy wallpapers... Dare to use large format tapestries with our XXL wallpapers.

Fantasy decoration takes over and takes over your walls! Wallpapers are easy to paste. Choose from a variety of formats and materials. Find many themes: trompe-l'oeil, landscapes, cities...

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Large selection of trendy wallpapers on Scenolia

Have you just bought designer wallpaper or are you planning to change your old wallpaper for a more modern decorative wall covering? You've come to the right place on Scenolia. We offer a a large selection of trendy and quality wallpapers.

Explore our range of trendy panoramic wallpaperswith many themes, each one as dazzling as each other. A citya landscapeor a sports theme? Choose from a large range of wall murals according to the atmosphere you wish to give to your room.

Panoramic trompe l'oeil wallpaper, black and white, brick effect, floral wallpaper...

Scenolia offers a wide selection of wallpaper styles, with photos, drawings, trompe l'oeil, stylish images... a large choice of unique designs available in many different sizes. You are bound to find what you are looking for, at a good price.

Scenolia also offers unique andcompetitively priced verticalvstrips of wall paper in its range. Our 60 cm wide strips fit perfectly into a room with a plain colour wall. Wallpapers are easy to install with white paste and the tools supplied in our installation kit.

Which wall covering should you choose for a living room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen or small room?

Our wallpapers are suitable for all rooms in the house. We offer high quality materials that are easy to apply and resistant to wear over time, in a corridor for example, and even to humidity in a bathroom (our luxury wallpaper made of textile canvas). Bring walls to life with stylish wallpapers. Decorate easily any wall, even small rooms such as toilets with the many sizes of wall coverings available in our online shop.

Our installation instructions for decorative wallpapers

You may ask yourself how to use and handle some tools. No more doubts! The Scenolia team takes care of everything. Our wallpapers are easy to stick to the wall thanks to quality materials and a suitable finish (in strips or in one piece). Pasting directly to the wall makes installation much easier, as you no longer need a wallpapering table as before. Each package comes with a comprehensive and intuitive installation guide, which guides you step by step through the installation of your decorative wall covering.

Don't worry about the material you need! We offer a white paste kit with all the necessary materials for a successful installation. The Scenolia accessories kit guarantees an easy installation of decorative wallpapers. . It consists of a 9 mm cutter, a flat brush, a special paste roller and a pasting brush. Enjoy a simple and time-saving wallpaper installation. Between 15 minutes and 1.5 hours depending on the format and finish chosen. Aadmire your new wall decoration in no time!

What is non-woven paper?

Made of polyester wood fibre non-woven paper has been revolutionising the world of wall coverings for several years now. This material will enhance your interior with a beautiful decorative effect. We decided to include it in our range for its ease of installation and its lightness..