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Yellow wall decoration


Do you want a yellow decoration in your house? Display your favourite colour on your walls for the pleasure of the eye.

Make a success of your interior design with the best tips from the experts at Scenolia. We have a range of yellow wallpapers, posters, wall hangings, pictures and privacy screens available to buy. Discover our selection of traditional and contemporary yellow wall decorations. We have a range of yellow images to choose from.

Yellow fan wallpaper
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MIMOSA canvas print
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The team's advice

Mustard yellow decorations are very on trend, why not add a splash of this shade to your living room? It's a warm, muted colour that brings a dynamic feel to your home. This shade, which is named after the condiment of the same colour, was first brought into the public eye through fashion before reaching the world of wall decorations.

Mustard yellow is perfect for industrial or Scandinavian interiors because it perfectly complements cool shades such as black or grey tones. For example, a grey wallpaper is the perfect finishing touch for your mustard decor.

Décoration murale Yellow

Colour combinations with yellow decor

The best combinations with your yellow decor are yellow and black and yellow and grey. It is advisable to consider neutral colours to complement your yellow décor. This will help to make your yellow wall stand out.

Conversely, if you opt for a mixture of colours, the yellow décor can get lost. Yellow is a bright and vivid colour.Make your choices bold by using solid colours on a large wall, yellow patterned wallpaper or over-sized furniture in this shade.

Yellow and green world map wallpaper
Winter mimosa canvas print
WINTER MIMOSA canvas print
Yellow taxi canvas print in New York
TAXI TIME canvas print
Yellow tramway wallpaper in Lisbon
LISBON Wallpaper

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