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Brown wall decoration


If you want to be original, try brown. It can be combined with many interior styles.

Brown in decorating is difficult to place together with warm or cool colours, as it is on the borderline of both. Brown can contain a warm hint of red, or a cooler shade of almost grey, to then be e combined harmoniously with colours such as green or blue.

Keep tones consistent to maintain a harmonious brown decor. An image in warm brown would go well with a warm interior and wooden furniture, for example, whereas a terracotta wallpaper would work better with an industrial-style interior.

Brown brick wallpaper
Brown wood wallpaper
WOOD Wallpaper
Bagan Temple Poster and art print
Brown cane wallpaper strip
CANNING Wallpaper

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Brown decor inspiration:
Do you love brown decor but have no idea what colours would complement it? Brown and beige is a timeless colour combination. Whether you live in an old cottage, a new house or a flat, whether you have a vintage, modern, industrial or extravagant style, you can always count on this colour combo.

These colours can be used in any room of the house, from the bedroom to the living room - even the bathroom and the office. Why not try it out? It's a fail-safe option.

Décoration murale Brown

Complementary colour of brown

On the colour wheel, the complementary colour to brown is a fairly dark blue-green. However, many colours complement brown in interior design. The key is to find the right balance, and above all to keep the room bright. Discover Scenolia's selection of brown decorations and our large range of brown photos and illustrations.

Brown and beige cannage wallpaper strip
CANNING Wallpaper
Brown wine cellar poster and art print
Route 66 wallpaper
ROAD 66 Wallpaper
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