Wall decoration Bay window

Wall decoration bay window

Bay window

Discover in this decorating theme beautiful winter gardens. The bay window trompe l'oeil gives you the illusion of being in the heart of a lush garden.

There is a trompe l'oeil effect in these images of the bay windows because in the foreground, the glass and metal structure makes it seem more real. The plants in the background give the setting perspective. Find peace as you look out at your view of a beautiful exotic garden. Experience our glasshouse decorations by installing a beautiful wallpaper in your living room or bedroom!

Tropical greenhouse poster
TILES OF LIGHT wallpaper
Tropical canopy poster
Kitchen poster with trompe l'oeil
TROPICAL BAY wallpaper

Focus on the theme of bay windows

Windows are a trendy interior feature. When it comes to wall decoration, they allow you to create extra space thanks to their trompe l'oeil effect. They bring light into a space by opening the room up to an outside world, as if by magic. With their exotic-looking designs, they're great for anyone looking to escape to distant lands: we've already caught ourselves daydreaming! You can choose an image of a beautiful winter garden or even the Royal Greenhouse in Laeken, Belgium. Or could it be the view from our artist's studio?

Décoration murale Bay window

To complete your glass wall decor

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