Wall decoration Windows and doors

Wall decoration Windows and doors

Window and door murals

Are you looking to give your flat, garden or balcony a makeover? Play with the trompe l'oeil effect on your front door or window to create a striking entrance to your home and surprise your friends and family. Create a false door in your wall or give the impression of an open window overlooking a beautiful view. Imitating reality in this way is mind-blowing and is sure to enlarge your room.

A false window or door creates a perspective effect in your interior design. The false opening invites you to go into the next room or the garden. A window opening onto a landscape, meanwhile, invites you to escape. A door picture that opens onto a terrace immerses your mind in a luxurious place.

Large windows Trompe l'oeil wallpaper
CAP FERRET Wallpaper
False door to the garden poster
Trompe l'oeil canvas print window on the beach
Canvas print of a false window on the mountain
MOUNTAIN VIEW Canvas print

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Have you been dreaming of extra space? Try our trompe l'oeil decorations. If you want to bring some light and freshness into a small, enclosed room in your house (a windowless toilet, dressing room, dark corridor...), a trompe l'oeil window painting is the ideal solution.

Décoration murale Windows and doors

Open your home to the outside world with a trompe l'oeil window

Scenolia offers a wide range of trompe l'oeil wall murals for purchase. In this beautiful selection of trompe l'oeil window pictures, you will surely find your happiness. Opt for a trompe l'oeil wall to enlarge your interior. By making you feel like you could be in another space, the wallpaper takes your gaze further and then seems to push the walls away.

Bay window on New York wallpaper
Panoramic industrial poster
Flowered wooden door poster
CATALAN wall hanging
Poster escampette
BUG OUT Wall hanging

Our window-themed trompe l'oeil range

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