New York single strip of wallpaper

If you love New York, then show it off in your room or living room with our unique wallpaper mural. Don't wait any longer to discover our unique wallpaper strips so that you can never take your eyes off your favorite city!

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Enjoy the rhythm of New York with the New York single strip of wallpaper!

Sophisticated architecture, towering buildings, impeccable street layout, spectacular skyline... New York is a city that is both artistic and photogenic. It is no wonder that the most beautiful views of this metropolis are a recurring theme in decoration. It is also for this reason that at Scenolia we have created a range of unique New York wallpapers.

Any New Yorker worth their salt must display pictures of their beloved city in their living room or bedroom. Here are the single strips we offer:

  • From its imposing and monumental side, the Empire State Building dominates the city. With its unique Art Deco style, it remains an unparalleled architectural wonder. If, for you, this emblem of New York is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, then go for our wallpaper strips in the colors of the Empire State Building.
  • New York is an amazing city that never ceases to fascinate us. This breath-taking aerial view of Manhattan Island, which is surrounded by the Hudson River and the East River, with the Brooklyn Bridge in the distance, is testimony to this. If you too have been seduced by this view, immortalize it in your living room with our Manhattan Downtown wallpaper strip.
  • One of the world's most famous monuments, the Statue of Liberty seems to protect New York City. This statue, a gift from the French people to the Americans as a symbol of friendship, draws hordes of visitors each year. This is not surprising given that the statue is so remarkable for its size and its charm. ¡Bring a little bit of New York home with you in the form of this unique Statue of Liberty strip of wallpaper!

Add chic and stylish black and white in your interior decor

In black and white, New York lives stronger. Indeed, it is in these shades that the worked lines and elaborate architecture of The City That Never Sleeps stand out the most.

Our black and white single strip of wallpaper thus offers a most realistic panorama and a reinforced sense of depth. If you looked out the window, you would think you were in New York City!

In addition to feeling immersed in the decor, the combination of black and white is a guarantee of modernity and chic. Not only does black and white rarely disappoint, but this easy-to-match shade simplifies the interior decoration of your bedroom or living room.

The single strip of wallpaper has a particularly well-suited format for urban prints

Decoration enthusiasts appreciate the length a single strip of wallpaper for its unique feature: its long format. This vertical wall covering generally measures 60 cm wide by 240 cm high.

This atypical format does not easily highlight horizontal landscapes, but it is perfect for showcasing the streets of New York. It seems that this strip stretching from the floor to the ceiling was indeed created to sublimate the majestic buildings of the big apple.

How to create a pretty decor with a strip of wallpaper on the theme of New York?

Who says New York says modernity and sophistication. A strip of wallpaper depicting this mythical city will therefore blend in perfectly with a contemporary interior. However, we shall not use it as a wall covering for a traditional style house. The unique trompe l'oeil single strip of wallpaper seems to enlarge your interior. The Empire State Building seen from the sky will make you dizzy.

Our unique New York single strips of wallpaper are either available in black and white, or with the typical New York cityscape grey steel color.  A decoration made up of accessories and colorful objects will make this urban photo stand out. You can also go for the full New York look by pairing your poster with a New York print, canvas or poster

Some advice to correctly position your unique strip of New York wallpaper

The main quality of this single strip of non-woven or textile fabric wallpaper is undoubtedly its ease of installation. First choose the location of your strip, ideally on a small section of wall or in a recess. You then only have to glue the wall with a roller (or with a brush on the edges) and then apply the wallpaper while pressing to remove air bubbles.

This is definitely an advantage if you're in a hurry to show your loved ones your New York City-themed wall decoration!