Unique strip of designer wallpaper

Easy to put up, at a great price and capable of transforming a decor all by itself, wallpaper strip is a covering full of advantages.
With our unique selection of designer wallpaper, your decor will be full of originality, style and good taste. So, go ahead and jump in and go for this very trendy wall covering!

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Scenolia graphic designer wallpaper strips

Pineapple and pink flamingo, kings of decoration

The pineapple and flamingo have been must-haves in home decor for a few years now. And rightly so - they are incredibly stylish! For an even trendier touch, we suggest fruit or animal motifs on your wall tapestry.

Contemporary wallpaper in all its forms

In the design family, choose abstract shapes!
The advantage of geometric patterns is that they blend in easily with any type of interior design, offering a trendy and unique look.

For your unique wallpaper design, discover the different patterns imagined by Scenolia: a range of hypnotic triangles, hexagons with a faux relief effect, a shower of small golden circles like champagne bubbles, or even interlacing of graphic knots; also a black and white origami mural mosaic, clean and artistic shapes in a Japandi spirit, not forgetting the coloured diamonds straight out of the seventies.

A unique design wallpaper that pays tribute to the 9th art

Comic book fans will be thrilled with our selection of unique design strips. Are your shelves overflowing with comic books? Show off your love for illustrated stories with our unique design wallpaper strips.

Manga in all its states

Manga fans, you will be delighted to finally find a wall decoration to match your passion. With our catalogue non-woven design wallpaper in colour or black and white, display your favourite heroes right on your wall. Our wallpaper strips consist of several thumbnails for a highly graphic result.

A trompe l'oeil wallpaper design

Have fun distorting perceptions by playing with fake material.

In a bedroom, our unique trompe l'oeil wallpaper white capiton wallpaper with a 3D look will bring purity and baroque style, and will enhance the cocooning effect of your living room. In an office or a library, dare to choose our wallpaper strip similar to a lumberjack's shirt with its black and red squares giving the impression of being made of fabric. You can opt for a more real than life lace to cover the walls of your living room; the poetic softness of this trompe l'oeil pattern will give an undeniable charm to your living room.  Very design too, the faux brick wall in ocher, with its little industrial side, will be perfect in a corridor or kitchen.
Our trompe l'oeil wallpaper designs will make a splash in your home!

Unique design and original wallpaper

What if you pull out the card of extravagance and the comical?

We had fun at Scenolia to go on an unexpected field. For a design decoration that looks like no other, trust our daring graphics: we are here to help you create the style that suits you. 

  • The Catacombs spirit will come and haunt your living room with our decorative skull designs. They will enhance your home with a very sensational rock and roll touch; for a unique interior decoration.
  • A futuristic tunnel leading to an unknown place opens up the space of your home. This mysterious passageway seems straight out of a science fiction movie. An absolute touch of modernity in a living room or bedroom.
  • And why not numbers? Whether you have a love of calculation or they represent symbolic dates to you, numbers are the subject of a rather unusual wall covering. Our intissé wall design with number patterns is a fun way to go where you least expect it.

Designer wallpaper: an easy installation

A strip of wallpaper is a wall covering appreciated in decoration for its ease of installation. This type of wallpaper is very affordable. It fits into a small section of a wall, or a recess of the chosen room (living room, bedroom, kitchen, office?). Take a roller and glue the wall. Then place the unique strip of designer wallpaper by marouflaging to eliminate any air bubbles.

To perfect your decoration, why not adorn the adjacent walls with a canvas print, wall posters or even stickers? In wall decoration, anything is possible, so have fun!