Animal wallpaper

Animal wallpapers are timeless. They bring extra warmth into your home. Our catalogue includes a wide range of animal wallpapers.  Take the time to consider how best to personalise your interior decor. Our team will be happy to help you choose the right animal wallpaper for you. The right design can make a room feel bright and serene.

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Animal wallpaper: horses, lions, birds...

A journey of discovery

There is an inexhaustible abundance of diversity found within the animal kingdom. Scenolia offers high-quality animal wallpapers with images that capture great detail. Looking at exotic fish in the ocean will give you a great sense of calm, as if you had an aquarium at home. Our wallpapers showing caravans of camels plodding through the desert or lions prowling the savannah will transport you to distant lands. A wallpaper displaying aquatic species such as dolphins is a great choice for the bathroom. If you love pets, Scenolia gives you the opportunity to make your dreams a reality with panoramic designs featuring cats, dogs or horses.

There'll be no need to visit a zoo or watch an animal documentary, you're favourite animals will be at your fingertips on a majestic wallpaper.

Animal wallpapers: a large choice of images on Scenolia

The animal design wallpaper is available in several sizes. Simply select a size that fits your home. Animal wallpapers are suitable for every room. For example, if you have a large living room with a wall several metres long, a panoramic wallpaper is the perfect choice. If you have a small wall in your room, a single strip will do the trick. Whatever the size, Scenolia will print your order on quality wallpaper (non-woven or moisture-resistant material). Our printing process is simple, convenient and cutting-edge. Installation is quick and requires no specialist know-how.