Wooden wallpaper illusion effect

Imitation wood wallpapers bring have hugely positive effects on a living space. Scenolia offers you a wide choice of designs. Wood is one of the oldest building materials. Easy to work with, this natural material is also used for furniture. With Warm and elegant vibes, it remains an key trend within the world of interior design.

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Wooden wallpaper: for warm living spaces

A precious wood wall in your living room

Precious woods are sought after for their beauty. Ebony, rosewood, Santos rosewood, Ceylon lemon and ziricote all have one thing in common: their rarity. We offer the possibility to enjoy them in your own home. Our wood pattern wallpapers have a unique style. Whether you hang them on one section of your wall or cover the wall completely, they will enhance the other elements of the room.

Wooden wallpaper for your bedroom

Our original wood wallpapers will set the tone of your bedroom. If you like hiking, a log structure will remind you of the cosy feeling of being in a cabin in the forest. You can also vary the colours by mixing light and dark tones. A personalised headboard will also help you relax

Non-woven wood wallpaper: simple, practical and effective

Our wood wallpapers are available in various sizes: single strip, panoramic or fresco. If you're looking for a specific size, you can cut them with a utility knife. Achieving a warm, personal style is easy with our non-woven wallpaper. . Installation is quick and easy, as is removal thanks to our dry-tear material (there's no need for stripper). Your decor can therefore evolve with the seasons, or change according to your tastes. As every house is unique, our team will be on hand to help you with your choice of wood wallpaper. Share your visions for your interior with us,, and we'll help your dreams come true!