Wall decoration White

Wall decoration White


Looking for a clean and bright interior design? Go for a white deco! A timeless colour-scheme, white decor is soothing and visually enlarges a space. The delicacy of white brings purity to your interior and a feeling of cleanliness.

Scenolia's wealth of choice :
Discover our ideas for decorating white walls with our large range of wallpapers, posters, wall-hangings, pictures and white screens on Scenolia. In our online shop, you will find high-quality wall coverings for your home that are easy to put up. .

White vine privacy screen
VINES UNDER THE SNOW privacy screen
Marble wallpaper
Leafing wallpaper strip
LEAFING Wallpaper
Luxury xhite wall poster

The team's decorating tips

Combine it with other colours:
White deco goes well with small touches of any other colour. Current trends in interior design include combining white with soft colours (white and wood, grey, beige) or pastel shades (pale pink, grey green, sky blue, linen, etc.) to keep the interior looking bright white. To successfully pull off a white living room decor, opt for natural accents and match your decor to your home's style.

Décoration murale White

Monochrome option

You can also choose a white wall decoration in monochrome: furniture, carpets, household linen, crockery... All in white! Play with materials and textures using very soft tones: White shag carpet, paper lampshade, white wooden table... Your interior will have never appeared so bright and this will make it seem bigger.

White city wallpaper
CASARES SPAIN privacy screen
Old herbarium canvas print
OLD HERBARY canvas print
Graphic flower wallpaper
White wallpaper with plant pattern

Our white wall decor products

Minimalist decor: simple and clear

An interior filled with light and clarity... soft tones are a staple of a classic, timeless decor. A room which emphasises geometric shapes, clean lines and black and white tones is sure to bring a sense a well-being and offer you space to breathe...

Refined and understated decor

A stylish, minimalist decor with graphic or subtle geometric shapes. This range is perfect for those looking to create a refined and understated decor in a modern home. Brighten up your home with light colours and chic white canvases, wallpapers and posters! Graphic pieces are the perfect match for a white colour palette.

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