Wall decoration Blue

Wall decoration Blue


Looking for a blue decoration? You will find the ideal image for your beautiful blue wall decoration among our selection. Here you will find wallpapers, posters, hangings, pictures and blue deco breakers.

You have chosen a colourful theme for your interior and blue brings a feeling of serenity to your living room. This colour reflects nature and the sky and pure elements. Your blue walls will echo this feeling of purity.

Blue seashell canvass¡ print
Blue Ocean Poster and art print
Lake in the mist wallpaper
LAKE IN FOG wall hanging
Majorelle blue wallpaper
MAJOR BLUE Wallpaper

The team's decorating tips

Our take on current trends:
If you're looking for a trendy blue-themed wall decoration, emphasise dark blue tones: royal blue, midnight blue, navy blue or peacock blue. Bright, bold colours are the most popular shades within the blue decor trend.

Décoration murale Blue

Blue bedroom decorating idea

You may be wondering what the best colour to combine with blue is?. If you have chosen a dark blue wall decoration, do not add more colour. Choose white or light grey for the other walls and the same for the furniture and accessories. Light wood also goes well with blue, for example in a master bedroom with an oak bed frame and a wooden ladder as a clothes rack.

Another idea is to add a small object in your favourite colour (a cushion, a rug, a frame on the opposite wall...). Create a blue bedroom by covering an entire wall with blue wallpaper.

Deer in the Mist canvas print
BLUE MISTY DEER canvas print
Wall decoration Blue
Navy blue wallpaper
NAVY BLUE wallpaper
Blue jeans wall hanging
JEAN wallpaper

How to complete your blue wall decor

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