Blue wall hanging

Be bold and assert your style with the colour blue. Discover our blue wall hangings to decorate your home with ease. Our wall hanging is an original and practical idea which is easy to hang using our kit. Blue looks good on you. Give into temptation and bring this colour into your interior.

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Why opt for a blue wall hanging?

For a touch of softness and colour in your living areas, add blue wall hangings to the wall.

All the ideas for decorating with a blue wall hanging

To be able to enjoy life to the fullest and feel comfortable once you get home, we recommend creating a dynamic interior design. A blue wall hanging offers you a multitude of possibilities for wall decoration, with many patterns and photographs available on Scenolia. There is no shortage of ideas for decoration! Easy to hang with its supplied kit, the hanging can be easily fixed in any room.

The colour blue and its surprising powers

Blue influences our behaviour. This colour makes our everyday life more attractive and sometimes has an effect on our psyche. Choosing to decorate your home with a blue wall hanging can make your everyday life more pleasant. Choose the shade of blue according to the mood you want and the room in which the hanging will be hung.

  1. Floral and botanical motifs
    To create an oasis of calm in your home, you can opt for a blue wall hanging with floral motifs. The flowers are known for their soothing properties. A beautiful nature hanging with a botanical motif in your living room will help you to adopt a Zen attitude and thus lead a more serene life.
  2. Bold shades
    A royal blue hanging
    can bring positive energy into your home. You can combine this shade with turquoise blue. This colour combination is ideal for the water rooms of the house, such as the bathroom or kitchen.
  3. Softer shades
    You can also play with softer shades to create a calming atmosphere in your home. The pastel blue wall hangings are a perfect example if you want to feel the softness and freedom without leaving your home. Your bedroom is the best place to showcase this type of wall decoration. You can also combine a grey wall hanging to soften the room if you have a lot of colourful accessories.