Wall decoration Red

Red wall decoration


Colour your home in red with the red deco. Scenolia advises you and proposes here a selection of cheap red wall decorations, from small design pictures to panoramic posters, to satisfy all budgets. Find the perfect red image to integrate red into your decor.

Are you hesitating to buy a red decoration because you are unsure what to match it with? Wondering if a red decoration will fit well in your interior? Scenolia can guide you in your choices. Let yourself be seduced by our red living room or red kitchen decorations.

Red bridge canvas print
GOLDEN GATE canvas print
Red rose passion canvas print
PASSION canvas print
Macro floral  pink canvas print
GARANCE canvas print
Deco pattern red and black lumberjack shirt

The team's decorating tips

Red and grey decor
There are many beautiful colour combinations which include red. For example, grey and red deco is a classic. Grey is a muted colour that really makes the brightness of the red stand out, enhancing your interior.

Décoration murale Red

Decorating a red themed room

Dare to use a large, bright red wall in your kitchen to liven it up. Choose black and white furniture to complement it and add some wooden chairs for warmth. You could paint one wall and hang a red frame on the opposite wall.

In the living room, you can play with shades of red, from dark pink to burgundy, blood red, terracotta or even aged red. Browse through our red colour selections below and enjoy transforming your home!

Red sunset wall mural
DREAM BEACH wallpaper
Red brick wallpaper
RED BRICKS Wallpaper
Red London wall decor
MIND THE BUS wall hanging
Navajo Land poster

You'll love these wall decor colours!