Wall decoration Scandinavian

Scandinavian wall decoration


The Scandinavian trend creates a 100% cosy atmosphere in the living room. Create your own cocooning corner with the Scandinavian atmosphere.

Scandinavian design gives your home a Nordic feel. It is uncluttered and made up of elements based on natural and soft materials such as wood, cotton, wool...

The colours are also soft and bright. Play with geometric shapes to complete your Scandinavian style decor.

Soft Scandinavian wallpaper
ORIGAMI wallpaper
Wool wallpaper
KNITTING Wallpaper
Scandinavian wallpaper strip
SCALE wallpaper
Wooden poster

Top-selling decoration of the theme Scandinavian

Focus on the Scandinavian theme

You must have heard of the Scandinavian style?

We've all fallen in love with it. Objects and furniture are designed with aesthetic shapes and practical curves. The associated materials and shapes are simple, joyful and bring serenity into your living space. If you're looking for reliability and durability, you can bet on this style. It's reassuring. As far as colour schemes are concerned, this theme is simple: just white with a touch of white. It's clean. So, let's get down to the essentials! Sometimes there might be a touch of soft blue or a light pink. It can also be accompanied by black and white graphic patterns, like ORIGAMI!

It's all these things that make the much-loved Scandinavian style so remarkable!

Décoration murale Scandinavian

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