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3D wall decoration


Why not give your walls a special effect with our 3D trompe l'oeil wall decoration? Thanks to their embossed effect, it'll give the impression of having an authentic material on your wall. Brick, wood, vegetation, cement tiles, cladding, stone, concrete, metal... you can choose between several types of materials.

Discover all our excellent-value, textured trompe l'oeil decors with shaped effect, and find the perfect design covering for your wall. 3D wall decoration is the latest trend, and with god reason: it gives your interior charm and style!

Opt for an industrial style with a brick wall. Choose a 3D wooden fence deco wall for a warm terrace or a a realistic photo of logs for your mountain chalet. Stick a 3D plant wallpaper up in your kitchen to bring freshness, or alternatively, a marble wall poster for an ultra-chic 3D deco style.

3D wallpaper
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3D effect wall decoration
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3D wall decoration

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If you give the illusion of your home being built from stone or brick, it will take on all the charm of a refurbished, old house. Our 3D trompe l'oeil wall decoration is the key to obtaining this feel without having to consider building constraints. A bit of glue, a few pins or ties for outdoor decorations, and off you go! A fresh, new wall made from beautiful stones or cement tiles can be assembled in as little as 10 minutes.

Décoration murale 3D

Successful 3D trompe l'oeil effect every time

If you want to feel your wall and feel that comfort of being at home, the effect is successful! Our décor is as smooth and soft as paper. For these types of surroundings, we only offer decorations that take up a whole wall - no small paintings, as the effect would be lost.x2/}

3D wallpaper
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3D SOFTNESS wallpaper
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