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This visual is the one you dream of, but not in wallpaper?

Travel from home with this vintage world map poster! A wall-mounted art print of the world in fine detail. The continents are represented in beige or brown, depending on the relief, and the seas and oceans in an aged green. 
The names of the countries are written in English on the map.

Enjoy our vintura poster in the panoramic poster category, created in England by our wall decoration company, leader in online decorative posters.

The VINTURA poster by Scenolia

One-piece finish: exclusive one-piece poster. Our poster can be put up in a few minutes with transparent pins or adhesive pads.
Excellent value for money.
VOC emission: A
Fire rating: B-S1-DO
HD print quality: all our wall hangings are produced using the latest technology of professional HD Latex or UV digital printers with certified environmentally-friendly inks.
Resistant to light: Our inks exceed grade 6 according to ISO 105 B02, which makes them extremely resistant.
Reusable poster thanks to the "textile canvas" material.
Professional use: textile canvas recommended.

Vintura is a beautiful vintage world map. You can create a whole range of atmospheres, as shown in the 2 photos below.

Panoramic poster vintura bedroom decorGiant office decoration poster

We offer professional quality materials for a quick and easy installation of the Poster VINTURA. Our materials are durable and offer excellent value for money. Professional use is possible in places open to the public, thanks to their B-S1-DO fire rating.

    • Premium paper 150g, made in Europe
      Composition : polyester wood fibre (PVC-free)
      Opacity: 96%
      Thickness: 230 microns

  • Textile fabric 230g, made in Europe
    Tear-proof material.
    Composition: polyester fibre with acrylic coating. (PVC-free)
    Suitable for wet rooms (bathrooms, spas)
    Recommended for use in workplace high-traffic areas.
    Opacity: 99%
    Thickness: 280 microns

A large variety of adhesive products, including pins, adhesives or glue, can be used to safely attach the VINTURA poster.

    • Plastic transparent head push pins: accessories available for sale on Scenolia, sold in boxes of 40.
      Allows easy installation and removal.
      Discreet use with its transparent head.
      Can be used on wood, plasterboard, plaster. (do not use directly on concrete or brick)
      We recommend to place a pin every 30 cm around the perimeter of the poster.

    • Double-sided sticky tabs: sold in boxes of 20 or 96 units on Scenolia.
      Allows easy installation without making a hole in the wall.
      No trace on the walls: They can be easily removed without leaving any marks.
      Patented TESA® product.
      To be used on a smooth, clean and dry surface (the manufacturer's recommendations are indicated on the product).
      We recommend that a tab should be placed every 30 cm around the perimeter of the poster.

    • Wallpaper paste: accessory available for sale on Scenolia, sold in 750g or 5kg jars.
      Our posters can be applied directly to the wall like wallpaper, with glue. Easy and durable application since the poster is glued directly to the wall, which means that it can be installed more quickly, without the need for a wallpaper table.

Requirements according to sizes :

85 x 205 m

1.40 x 0.95 m
2 x 1.40 m
1 box of 20 tabs or 1 box of pins or 1 750g glue pot Download the installation instructions
150 x 240 cm 2 boxes of 20 tabs or 1 box of tacks or 1 750g glue pot Download the installation instructions
Pre-glued material Download the installation instructions
3 x 2.70 m 2 boxes of 20 tabs or 1 box of tacks or 1 jar of 5kg glue Download the installation instructions
4 x 2.70 m 1 box of 96 tabs or 2 boxes of pins or 1 jar of 5kg glue

Installation accessories
These accessories recommended by Scenolia will help you in the installation of your VINTURA Poster.

Vintage style poster - Scenolia world map. A beautiful world map poster and compass rose invite you to travel the world. Take a trip around the world from your home!

Would you like an original poster? Then choose this world map. The uniqueness of this world map is a match for your modern interior design. This vintage-style wall art is the perfect way to upgrade your decorations. This world map printed on high-quality paper is a French original. It is light in weight and easy to install. It is indeed a giant poster of great quality. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, this map's typeface is a work of art. As a frameless, life-size poster, you can hang it anywhere you like. The wall poster is available in thress sizes - door, panoramic and giant..

In order to make the installation a success, we advise you to use pins. In this case, invisible pins are more recommended. The materials can be adapted to the different installation methods, so you can also stick the poster or staple it to your wall.

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