Black and white panoramic wallpaper

This large size black and white wallpaper will perfectly fit into your interior with its chic and original touch.
Made in England and easy to install, the Scenolia panoramic wallpaper will transform your room.

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Wall cover black and white panoramic

The timeless elegance of black and white together with the perspective effect of a panoramic format, a safe bet! 

This black and white panoramic wallpaper creates an interior with both a graphic and refined atmosphere. The XXL wallpaper is a striking addition to any room with its black and white colour palette and bold patterns. The black and white wall cover in fact brings a lot of character to any room and rarely disappoints. Great for people who get bored quickly with decoration!

The panoramic wallpaper opens up the interior space. If you are looking for a living room wallpaper to make it look bigger, consider this modern wallpaper. The room appears larger and the view is enhanced, with this black and white wall covering.

The black and white panoramic wallpaper will match all your expectations. It looks nice, it is easy to combine with any style and very trendy. This wallpaper will never go out of style! The XXL wallpaper in black and white: a winning combo!

Black and white panoramic wallpaper

Black and white landscape wallpaper

Black and white makes the patterns stand out more than a classic coloured wallpaper. And what if, to break the sober side of the black and white graphic wallpaper, we dared to use original prints?

A walk through the heart of your favourite city

The black and white intensifies the depth of an urban landscape, the graphic of geometric shapes and makes visible the most subtle details. In love with the roofs of Paris? Do you love the sophisticated lines of the skyscrapers in New York? Do you like the charming streets of London? Whether you're looking to inject some international flavor into your home decor or simply want to marvel at the beauty of some of the world's most iconic metropolises, these black and white urban panoramic wallpapers are sure to impress.

Display your favourite city in large format and admire it!  Our oversized high-definition wall mural will give you the impression of having New York, Paris or London right at your doorstep! A black and white urban wallpaper is the perfect way to add some edge to your interior design. Choose an architectural style that you love and let the wallpaper be the star of your home decoration!

An escape away from home

This wallpaper is inspired by the natural landscapes and will give your home a refreshing and modern look. Would you prefer a tropical or forest jungle? A flowery décor or a peaceful archipelago? Choose the perfect wall decoration, and feel like you are on the other side of the world without leaving your living room!

A perfect atmosphere that works well in a place such as a living room or a bedroom. Enjoy the rejuvenating virtues of nature from your sofa or bed with this designer wallpaper. Do not wait any longer, let yourself be seduced by our collection and by the wallpaper of your dreams !

How to enjoy a beautiful home decor with A black and white XXL wallpaper?

A black and white wallpaper is a real classic that never goes out of fashion. It will enhance your interior design, as this two-colour combination harmonises with absolutely everything.

You can add color to your furniture in small touches, or even associate black and white wallpaper to a brightly coloured wall. This will brighten up the room while reinforcing its very chic black and white aspect.

If you like clean interiors, you can also choose light wood to create a peaceful atmosphere. The presence of this soft tone will warm up the room and sublimate the black and white panoramic wallpaper.

To get the most out of your XXL wallpaper, think about covering a large enough surface wall to best showcase this beautiful decoration element. But don't use it too much or the room will be saturated.