Living room wallpaper

Embellish your living room with a beautiful wall decoration.
Dare to use a giant wallpaper behind your sofa to give your room some charm. Create your own atmosphere around a current trendy or personal theme: beach, city, design, animals, nature...

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What trends for a modern living room?

We spend most of our time at home in our living room - dining room. It is the room where you welcome your guests, the central room of the house. Its development is therefore essential. The room must be functional and well thought out, with an original, personal and trendy decorating. Feel free to develop it over time.

Here are some decorating tips for to enhance this beautiful living space! It can be enhanced by a panoramic wallpaper that covers a section of wall. For a refined interior, opt for a graphic print in black and white or pastel colours. Photos of natural landscapes, trompe l'oeil or 3D effect settings are also very popular, as they visually enlarge the room, opening it up to another space.