Panoramic landscape wallpaper

With a height of 2.7 m and a width of 3 to 6 m, the non woven or textile panoramic wallpaper stands out in your home. This XXL size is perfect for realistic prints such as forest or jungle photos.
Choose from our wide selection of panoramic landscape wallpapers to find the perfect getaway for you!

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Panoramic wallpaper featuring several styles to match your interior design

A relaxing dive by the sea

Head for Etretat, Bora Bora or Majorca without leaving your living room or bedroom! Landscapes with grass on a dune, underwater fish tanks, white sandy beaches, a peaceful ride on a sailboat, a wooden pontoon leading to the ocean… At Scenolia, each of these maritime scene has been immortalized in a panoramic landscape wallpaper. If you are a big fan of the marine world, all you have to do to complete your decor is to choose which one wallpaper apply to your office or bedroom wall!

The treasures of nature at home with panoramic wallpapers

The northern lights in the sky, the incredible colors of a sunset, the poetry of the cherry blossoms at Mount Fuji, the autumn light filtering through the forest, the purity of the snow that whitens the trees…
There are moments during a trip or a walk where all the elements of nature come together perfectly.
With a panoramic landscape wallpaper, you can keep the beauty of these breathtaking scenes in your living room or bedroom!

Panoramic landscape wallpaper of sea

Enjoy the beauty of flowers into your home with a panoramic wallpaper featuring floral decoration

Flowers have powers: that of bringing cheerfulness and serenity at home. But it can be difficult to grow flowers into your house if you don't have an outdoor space, choose an alternative solution: the panoramic wallpaper flower. Choose a lavender field wallpaper or a photo of a valley of poppies to add colour to your living room. The height and width of such a wall covering will make you feel like you're really there!

Our illustrated panoramic wallpaper with wild flowers, exotic plants and floral arabesques will also bring sweetness, joy, and reverie into your home. Having flowers on the walls of a room can be an immediate breath of fresh air for the whole family!

A tropical panoramic wallpaper for an exotic wall decor

A moment of relaxation in the heart of an Asian bamboo grove or an instant adventure among the lianas and monkeys of the jungle? Whatever the atmosphere you choose, everything is possible with a panoramic jungle wallpaper!
Given the amazing realism of this type of tapestry, you will feel as if you are part of these exotic landscapes. A quick and effective way to transform your interior design and create a tropical wall décor with a travel feel! Are you ready for a trip to the heart of a lush jungle or a giant tropical landscape?

Panoramic wallpapers for your living rooms

To bring nature into a child's room, think of the panoramic landscape wallpaper! Your little one will be able to admire the beauty of the jungle and dream of the animals that populate the walls of his bedroom. He'll be proud to show off his pretty tropical wallpaper to his friends and will fall asleep more peacefully than ever thanks to this restful decor!

What if you decided to change to a black and white photo printing? An XXL black and white graphic illustration with an engraving effect is guaranteed to bring a chic and trendy touch to any living space! This is ideal for refining a vintage or colourful decoration!

How to hang a panoramic landscape wallpaper or textile?

You've never hung a panoramic wallpaper before and are afraid of the installation process? Don't worry, we'll guide you step by step! At Scenolia, we do everything we can to make your job easier. Our design wallpaper can therefore be installed easily by a beginner in wall decoration!

For best results when hanging our panoramic wallpaper, we recommend having two people. Our non-woven or textile wallpaper can be glued directly to the wall. Cut the wallpaper if necessary, according to the height of your wall and proceed to the installation. With our one-piece wallpaper without seamless strips, your panoramic landscape wallpaper will look more real than real! And there are no visible connections that compromise this beautiful large-format landscape.

Which room and which decor for a panoramic wallpaper?

This panoramic scene at the head of the bed in a bedroom invites you to rest and will gently lead you into the arms of Morpheus. A panoramic landscape wallpaper will bring a sense of relaxation to any living room. A panoramic landscape wallpaper in an office is a good idea because it is conducive to concentration and productivity!

To make the wallpaper look good, go for a sober and peaceful decor. The Scandinavian design, with its dominance of warm wood and white, is a perfect fit. You can also choose to reinforce the naturalness of this tapestry by adding hints of green to your decoration or by installing plants in your home.