Panoramic jungle style wallpaper

Looking for greenery and exoticism? Don't wait any longer to invite nature into your home! Our panoramic jungle style wallpaper takes you on a journey into the world of the tropical forest.

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Panoramic jungle style wallpaper: why does this wall decor make us feel so good?

The panoramic jungle style wallpaper is not only aesthetic, it also brings well-being into your home. Did you know that walking in the forest or admiring a landscape reduces anxiety and confers relaxation and good mood? If you don't have a terrace or a garden, opt for a jungle-themed wall decoration with our jungle wallpaper. In a world that is always more rushed and connected, this peaceful and revitalizing break in the green is very welcome!

In a living room or bedroom, the lush flora invites you to rest. You'll love the deep green foliage, the bright colours of the tropical birds and the diversity of plant species. Hyper realistic photo, graphic illustration, vintage black and white engraving... choose the wallpaper that makes you feel the most comfortable from our available selection.

A tropical style wallpaper is good for morale!

This XXL tropical tapestry is a must-have for your vacation!

It gives the illusion of a journey into the heart of the jungle. This panoramic wallpaper offers a total immersion in the scenery. Welcome to the lush and gorgeous world of the jungle. Due to the depth and perspective effect of the panoramic wallpaper, you will feel like you are on an excursion in this tropical landscape. It will seem to you that you see the lush nature moving according to the wind, with tiny creatures hiding in the trees. You will then be tempted to push the leaves of the bushes aside to enter this dense and fascinating forest.

Our jungle-themed wallpaper design provides a realistic journey into the tropical forest. A trompe-l'oeil effect that only XXL wallpaper can achieve!

The animals of the jungle come into a child's bedroom

Does your child love animals? Decorate his room with a panoramic wallpaper in the colours of the jungle and its inhabitants. Monkeys, toucans, elephants and flamingos hide among the banana leaves or swing on the vines.

With a jungle wallpaper, your child's room will become a hotbed of adventure. He will dream of being an explorer in the heart of the tropical forest and the animals that populate it. Moreover, this soothing wall decoration will rush him into the arms of Morpheus for a most peaceful night!

The lushness of the jungle in black and white wallpaper

The jungle is predominantly green. It is also a setting filled with geometry and shapes: the roundness of philodendron leaves, the slant of palm tree trunks, the agility of a panther stalking its prey, the delicacy of exotic plants and flowers. To further enhance the subtle details of this tropical universe, choose the black and white panoramic jungle wallpaper!

The refined lines of the black and white illustrations will give a very graphic look to your home. An effect that will be reinforced with an engraving style wallpaper for a vintage look. Or with a relief wall tapestry whose embossed patterns will accentuate the illusion of depth of the tropical landscape.

 Panoramic jungle wallpaper black and white graphics

How to decorate a room with a panoramic jungle wallpaper ?

The panoramic jungle style wallpaper is perfect in a living room, bedroom or office. A rattan armchair and coffee table will go well with this tropical atmosphere. As for colour, a touch of grey or terracotta in the decor will bring warmth to the room.

Do you want to play the exotic game? Multiply the references to the jungle universe with design accessories (pineapples, leaves, parrots), hanging plants and a green bottle rug. This will intensify the exoticism of your wall decoration. In your child's bedroom, reinforce the adventurous spirit by choosing a wooden cabin bed and a rope ladder. Do you want to surprise someone? Apply the jungle wallpaper in your bathroom. This bathroom wallpaper will give your bathroom a wild and exotic atmosphere!

How to hang your panoramic jungle style wallpaper ?

Opt for a non-woven jungle wallpaper in dark colours, and apply it in a well-lit room to brighten up the space. For a bold panoramic effect, cover an entire wall. However, for more refinement, you should only use a small area of the wall for this wall decoration.

At Scenolia, hanging wallpaper is simple, even for beginners! All you need is two people and to follow the detailed instructions carefully. The installation of our custom-made non-woven panoramic wallpaper saves you up to 30% time compared to a classic wallpaper!