Window canvas print

Live your passion for trompe l'oeil decoration with our range of window pictures with real effect. This type of wall decoration is an interesting alternative for fans of atypical decor. A window decoration board offers a realistic view of various locations. Whatever your style, the window board will meet all your needs and instantly make your room look bigger.

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Window board printed on canvas or acrylic glass

An atypical idea to give your home a makeover

The window is an opening to a panoramic view. From picturesque sandy beaches to impressive skyscrapers, our collection of canvas canvas prints depicts windows into a variety of places. If you want to look at beautiful landscapes in front of your window, you'll want a window picture from our interior design selection. At Scenolia, we offer you beautiful frames printed on canvas to take you on a journey to different places.

You can easily opt for the window canvas print printed on canvas without the need to knock down walls to create an opening. Simply hang up your trompe l'oeil canvas print to personalise your home in no time. Living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom... every room in the house can be embellished by our uniquely styled window pictures.

A window board for a successful decorative effect

If you like to surprise your friends, our range of window board is sure to delight you. With one of our canvas prints hanging on your living room or kitchen wall, you can be sure to impress your guests. To bring nature into your home, you can opt for a window canvas print that opens onto an enchanted forest or a beautiful vegetable garden. You can also choose an even more authentic effect, such as a window opening onto a distant landscape, a snow-covered mountain in the middle of winter or a beautiful beach with fine sand.

In order to find the window canvas print model that best suits your interior, don't hesitate to consult the catalogue of Scenolia, your specialist in original wall decoration!