Wall decoration Sea and ocean

Sea and ocean landscape wall decoration

Sea and ocean

Dress up your walls with seaside and ocean decor. Dare to use our canvases, wallpapers and privacy screens for a breathtaking beach-themed decoration. Adopt the right style and bring a touch of escape to your interior design.

Find beautiful paths that take you to a white sandy beach, small huts on the ocean, images of the sea bed and exotic fish... Black and white boat pictures or a collection of seashells may also seduce you.

Sea wall decoration
THE BEACH Canvas print
Beach and sand dune decoration canvas print
OCEAN SCENE Canvas print
Black and white boat wallpaper
FASTNET Wallpaper
Seashells canvas print

Focus on the theme of sea and ocean wall decoration

Relax with a sea-themed decoration:
with these natural landscapes, you'll be lost in a dreamland. Get a moment of peace with a beach wallpaper in the living room. The blue ocean will sooth your interior. Bring the beach into your home even if you live inland with a trompe-l'oeil window frame overlooking the shore. Drink a fruity cocktail under the shade of the palm trees on a tropical island. You'll feel right at home in the leafy nature on the Pacific coast!

Décoration murale Sea and ocean

Everyday paradise

The sea and ocean paintings take you to a beach paradise! Do you like warm countries? The sea wall decoration is made for you. The images here are heavenly: a white sandy beach, seaside greenery, a sunset on the horizon, a trompe l'oeil path leading to the ocean, a boat on the water, a blue landscape, a wave crashing on the warm sand... Swimming encouraged! It's like being on holiday forever.

Other settings also await you, such as the freshness of the mountains or nature in bloom, with its infinite flowers and colours.

Paradise island canvas print
SUGAR ISLAND Canvas print
Turquoise sea wallpaper
Poster hut beach
Path to the beach Wall hanging

Where can I find my seaside decoration?

Scenolia offers here a wide choice of seaside and ocean style printed decorations, with several wallpapers, posters, pictures, hanging hangings and breezes: everything you need to decorate your home, inside and out. With an excellent quality-price ratio, Scenolia offers you cheap and quality decoration products. We carefully choose our images as well as our raw materials. Our papers are of excellent quality and easy to apply. Our wall frames are rigid and strong, with a patented mounting system that is unique on the market.

Let yourself be seduced by our collection of seaside style wall decorations. Our customers are already 95 percent satisfied%.

Navy blue decor for a chic home

Choose a beautiful blue decoration in a seaside spirit on Scenolia. Choose the picture or poster that will make you feel at home. Take the time to choose your large-format wall decoration carefully. You can change it according to your desires, the seasons, the trends or your interests. The navy blue decor will enhance your interior spaces. This colour goes very well with white for a bright effect. Also dare to use wooden objects and furniture with your navy blue wallpaper. They will perfectly complement your inner harmony.

Contemporary sea decoration for all rooms: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom...

Door posters, panoramic wallpapers, hanging wall hangings, canvas or acrylic glass paintings and printed breakers; you will find all the sea and ocean style wall decorations suitable for every room in the house. You can opt for the poster DERRIERES LES DUNES, our best seller of the category to decorate a bedroom door in your corridor for example. With its perspective on the beach and its view of the ocean on the horizon, this poster opens your home to the outside world. You can also choose to decorate your living room with the wallpaper DIRECTION BAIGNADE in panoramic format, also a great classic in our collection. Photo trompe l'oeil, the decor seems to enlarge the space. The CARACOL hanging is based on the structure of a lighthouse with its tight spiral staircases and steps as far as the eye can see. This decor will be perfect for turning heads in an office! A nice COLLECTION DE COQUILLAGES or FASTNET picture are also good ideas for a contemporary bedroom decoration. Finally, if you wish to decorate your garden, terrace, balcony or any other outdoor space, we propose the CORSICA breakwater which will transport you on holiday, to the Mediterranean, with a magnificent landscape of a turquoise sea in a wild cove.

Summer decoration

The sun is shining for a summer decoration at the top of the sea trend! Decorate your exterior with our weatherproof screens or pictures or opt for a bright and colourful interior decoration with our posters and wallpapers. Summer colours enter your home like a radiant light that spreads good cheer.

You'll love these wall decor themes!