Wall decoration Flowers

Wall decoration Flowers


Opt for modern, stylish decorations such as canvases, posters, wallpapers and privacy screens to achieve a refreshing, floral decor. Give your home a tasteful interior by adopting a natural, floral style!

Long live spring with its flowering fields and bright colours ?. Flower-themed wall decorations are bound to add colour to your flat or house.

Browse through our selection of flower decorations - there's bound to be one that tickles your fancy! Our graphics team has carefully selected these images of flowers to decorate your home. We have chosen high quality photos of flowers that look great printed in large format.

Mimosa flower canvas print
MIMOSA canvas print
Dried flowers wallpaper
Lotus flower canvas print
LOTUS Canvas print
Pink flowers wallpaper

Focus on the theme of floral wall decorations

Your walls will bloom with our floral canvases and wallpapers. Hang a floral wall frame in your living room or kitchen to brighten up the space. Floral wall decorations are full of life with their bright colours.

Flowers and their colours carry meanings through which we can convey our emotions. With wed roses we can declare our love to our sweetheart. White flowers are a symbol of purity. Each is ideal for particular times of the year, such as Valentine's Day or All Saints' Day. Flowers are always a pleasure to give or receive. This time, get a bouquet that will never fade away with our floral wallpaper.

Décoration murale Flowers

Buying your floral wall decorations

A whole range of varieties of flowers can be found on our flower pictures, such as daisies, roses, desert flowers, poppies, lavender, Japanese cherries, mimosas, birds of paradise, tulips, lotus flowers, wild hyacinths... Choose your favourite flower.

Flower and fish design wallpaper
JAPAN Wallpaper
Floral wallpaper
LAURA wallpaper
Black and white flower canvas print
Tropical flowers wall hanging

Spring flower decoration

Spring style: floral decor ideas. As the year starts anew, why not think about renewing your interior decor? Discover our range of posters, canvases, outdoor decorations and wallpapers to create a colourful and sunny atmosphere! Put the season's colours on your walls.

You'll love these wall decor themes!