Wall decoration Mist

Mist wall decor


In the misty fog... It's the soft trend of autumn, which makes us feel like a plaid and a hot chocolate... The enveloping fog lulls our walks and gives us a feeling of well-being... This new fog decoration is perfect to set a nice mood at home!

Landscapes of Mist : this ever so natural theme takes our minds into a mysterious and mystical universe. Let yourself be won over by the energy that slowly escapes from these misty images.

Forest in the mist living room wallpaper
BRIDGE IN THE MIST canvas print
Photo deco log in the mist
THE BICHE canvas print
Lak in fog poster
LAKE IN FOG wall hanging

Focus on the mist theme

Mist is a comforting theme. We're always on the go: appointments, work, homework and other commitments that come with daily life. This aesthetic of a misty landscape creates a soft, calm and soothing atmosphere. It'll surround you with clouds and muffled sounds, creating the perfect zen moment. In fact, this theme replaces or at the very least accompanies the zen theme. And we need this opportunity to relax...

The colours are generally neutral and calm: shades of grey, greens and light terracotta. They all have soft hues and go perfectly with an interior composed of furniture made with raw materials, canvases and natural fabrics.

And let's not forget the touch of magic that the mist brings... it's subtle and positive.

Décoration murale Mist