Wall decoration Desert

Desert wall decoration


Sandy deserts, icy deserts, rocky deserts, cacti and other plants, Scenolia offers a large choice of desert images which are sure to satisfy your urge to redecorate your home.

Desert-inspired decoration is original. Choose a beautiful desert picture or a panoramic desert wallpaper to enhance your interior. Be inspired by our decorations and visualise them in your home... Do you see them?

Sorona desert canvas print
SORONA DESERT canvas print
Redemption road canvas print
Photo of the desert
SAHARA DESERT Canvas print
Desert canvas print
PUNA ARGENTINA canvas print

Souvenir of a trip...

Do desert landscapes remind you of a trip? Opt for a beautiful photo of the Sahara to bring back memories of a night spent in Morocco. Numerous photos of the desert are available in various formats (pictures, posters, wallpapers, wall hangings or privacy screens). If you can't find a format that you like, just reach out to us, as we offer tailor-made solutions.

Desert in Australia wallpaper
AYERS ROCK wallpaper
Monument Valley American desert wallpaper
Sahara desert canvas print
SAHARA DESERT Canvas print
Path in the sandy desert Giant poster
BUSH ROAD poster