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Wall decor for your living room

The living room

Embellish your living room with stylish, modern decorations, thanks to the decorative suggestions on the right. The living room is the central room of the house. It's where you entertain guests and spend most of your waking hours? it deserves a gorgeous wall decoration. Show your walls you care by choosing wallpapers, pictures or posters that will enhance your interior.

Are you looking to renovate your room? Are you wanting to create a space where you can feel good, relax and receive your friends and family? Do you want a beautiful space that you love and is both functional and pleasant to live in? If you feel your living room decor is looking drab and you don't see your personality reflected in it anymore, change your dreary wallpaper for a more modern one.

Pastel palm tree wallpaper
Engraved palm tree living room poster
Forest mist picture
MISTY FOREST Canvas print
Beach picture
THE BEACH Canvas print

The team's decorating tips

Rejuvenate your walls with a quick and easy makeover using our living room wallpaper. Gone are the quick-to-peel wall coverings of the 1980s, which required a certain level of gymnastics expertise to successfully hang. Today, wallpaper hanging techniques are easier thanks to non-woven paper and glue that can be applied directly to the wall.

A wallpaper hanging kit is also available with new, simpler and lighter hanging systems. Your decor can become a pleasureful and lasting experience.

Décoration murale The living room

Decoration for small living rooms

If your room is small, add depth by playing with optical effects. An on trend panoramic trompe l'oeil wallpaper will give your interior a completely different feel. You'll be surprised at how spacious it'll make your room feel. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to play around with the size of your rooms without touching the structure of your home.

With light-coloured decor, you get the feeling of a bigger and brighter space. Bright colours make your living room vibrant and dynamic. A giant mural will cover an entire wall, filling your living room with its presence and setting the tone for your new decor. Whatever your floor space, you'll find a range of sizes adapted to your interior on our online shop (from a single 60cm strip to a 12m XXL fresco tapestry).

Small living room wallpaper

Give your living room wall decor a new lease of life

You don't want your living room decor to be the same as everyone else's... you want to stand out from the crowd and own pieces that have been meticulously chosen for their originality, for their harmonious fit with the rest of your interior. You want to focus on quality to ensure that the items are durable, that you haven't wasted your time and money. To redecorate your living room, you can start by switching up your furniture. But changing your furniture is often expensive, whereas there are ideas to renovate your interior in an original way without necessarily having to spend a fortune. A wall decoration in your living room can radically transform the room and give it a completely different vibe.

Wallpaper: a good idea for the living room

Finding an idea for your living room is often the hardest part of redecorating. You want something personal and original. You want a living room that reflects your personality, a room where you can relax. New, original accessories, such as cushions, vases, authentic or modern decorative items, will partially transform your home. But it won't be enough to totally alter the feel of the room. Have you thought about your walls? Could they do with some sprucing up? Maybe you're tired of the same old shade of paint which is starting to peel and becoming increasingly outdated.

gravure palmier papier peint deco salon

Need some tips?

Take inspiration from our selection of wallpapers. Fall in love with current trends, graphic, vintage or industrial style. New materials and textures will give your walls that special touch. Our wide range of themes: design, urban chic, art of living, trompe l'oeil, natural landscapes, seasons, travel dreams, energize or soothe the feel of your room depending on the effect you're looking for. Whatever your style, find the perfect image for you. Our impressive selection will help you create your own living room decor.

Give your living room a new lease of life with a poster

Large posters are currently very on trend. Murals, panoramic posters, vertical posters, giant posters and custom posters are very popular. Whether you choose monochrome or colour for your living room poster, our image resolution is exceptional and produces realistic effects.

  • Prefer something modern? Take a look at our collection of graphic and urban chic prints.
  • Are you attracted to nature and travel? Water, air, fire. Bring these essential elements for well-being into your home with a décor theme chosen from our selection of natural landscapes, travel dreams or seasonal images.
  • Are you looking fororiginality, space and elegance? We offer an impressive range of decorative images in our trompe l'oeil and art of living albums.

Living room posters are available in different sizes to suit every need. The range extends from 0.60m to 1.50m for vertical posters, through to 3 and 4m door and panoramic posters, to 12m murals. All our posters are available either on premium paper (non-woven polyester fibres) which offers excellent value for money, or as a high-quality, tear-proof, easy to care for, washable textile canvas. As an added bonus, the 0.60m and 1.50m textile curtains come with a fixing kit to make things easier for you. For other sizes, we recommend fixing the product with transparent pins.

Give your living room wall decor a new lease of life

Enhance your interior with this visual trick that you can change as you please. Choose a personalised picture made from your own photo or drawing and surprise your friends. Opt for a canvas painting from our range of themes or create your own unique and personalised painting which will highlight your most beautiful pictures or drawings. You'll be amazed and your friends and family will be surprised by its beauty and exceptional quality.

A high definition living room picture is decorative, easy to assemble and easy to hang thanks to its light structure (aluminium frame). A giant picture, up to 2 meters wide, establishes a new ambience and changes up the feel of the room by magnifying its vibe. Acrylic glass paintings intensify the quality of high-definition digital printing and offer exceptional brilliance and depth. The colours are more saturated. All eyes will be on the picture in your living room. Select the style and size: square, horizontal or vertical. Then just pick the size that suits you. Lightweight and robust, you'll get many years of satisfaction from one of our pictures.

Wall decor inspirations for other rooms