Poster for living rooms

Install a beautiful giant poster in your living room to create a cosy atmosphere that suits YOU.
We offer a selection of decor with a wide variety of styles and images. There's something for everyone, no matter your taste or the size of your room. Your large Scenolia decoration is sure to pique the interest of your guests.

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Do you want to decorate your living room in XXL?

We offer you a range of XXL posters to decorate the walls of your living room - dining room. Scenolia is THE poster site specialising in large format posters. With giant and panoramic formats of 3 or 4 metres wide, the "Wow" effect is guaranteed!

With colourful images such as Paradise beach, Dune path or Bassin des aigrettes, your stay is embellished in a nature deco atmosphere. Dare to use a large format to give your room an identity. To give your living room a very modern style, opt for more graphic images such as Palm tree engraving, Brick factory or Terrazzo. These wall posters will give a contemporary edge to your living room decor.

Extend your decoration into other rooms, if you have an entrance hall or an open kitchen. The more coherent the elements are, the more confident and successful your decorative choice will be. Add some objects that remind you of the chosen colours or elements in the photo, such as plants. This foreground will create a perspective effect that will enlarge your living room.