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The bathroom

The arrival of the warm weather is making you want to change... And what if you took advantage of it to redecorate your bathroom? This room tends to be a forgotten part of the decoration, considered only as practical. But it's also where you start your day, where you relax at the weekend or after a day's work...

Your bathroom deserves a bright, creative and modern decoration: A colourful wallpaper, an elegant painting... Sometimes it doesn't take much to radically change the atmosphere of a room! We review the best deco styles, in order to then provide you with a number of easy bathroom decoration ideas.

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Bathroom wall decor
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Bathroom: the best wall decoration styles

When it comes to finding inspiration for your bathroom décor, there's no better way than to draw upon styles which are currently popular. Scandinavian, industrial or modern inspiration: what style will you adopt in your interior?

A Scandinavian style bathroom is minimalist and functional. Light and discreet wooden materials contrast with the muted, anthracite tones of the tiles, creating a warm atmosphere. Very fashionable in recent years, industrial decor brings character and understated style. It'll make you feel like you're in the centre of Brooklyn! Raw materials such as brick, steel, metal and glass will find their way into your bathroom if you adopt this style. Do you like contemporary shapes and materials? Choose a modern decor! Refined and soothing, the modern bathroom exudes an atmosphere of well-being and elegance.

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Scenolia, your best friend for bathroom wall decoration

Here are some cool bathroom decorating ideas for you! ?

Don't wait any longer and order your choice of pictures, posters or wallpapers to give new life to your bathroom. Whatever the size, and whatever your style and world, we have a photo or a painting that matches your desires!

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Regate canvas print
REGATE canvas print
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Bathroom: our decorating ideas

So you've decided what style to give your bathroom? For an even more personalized design, we have provided a range of decorative ideas for your space.

Tableau salle de bain design

  1. A designer
    canvas print. To give your bathroom an original touch, hang a designer canvas print! Scenolia offers you a large choice of bathroom paintings on canvas or acrylic glass. Are you more interested in a plant or landscape style? From the most elaborate and extravagant to the most innately simple, we provide you with a wide variety of supplies to satisfy your decorating needs. The little things that set us apart from the rest: A gold or silver frame will make your interior sparkle with fine style.
  2. There is often a tendency to
    treat the bathroom as all white. In this version, a little colour is added with a wall paper. to give it colour and character, there's nothing like a colourful bathroom wallpaper! The must: a large-format wall paper, for a 100% revamped decor. Your bathroom's interior design can be completely transformed using a variety of designs such as cityscapes, seascapes, animals, abstract shapes and trompe-l'oeil... Don't hesitate to give your bathroom a touch of fantasy, it will be well worth it!
  3. A poster
    of paradise. To give your shower room a boost, there's nothing like a poster of an paradise island. Do you prefer photos of mountains or skyscrapers? At Scenolia, we have more posters than you can ever need! Vintage, nature or urban atmosphere, there is bound to be a bathroom poster that will find its place in yours.
  4. Decorative seashells Do
    you bring back seashells from your holiday at the sea? Place them in different areas of your bathroom. They will go with your paradise poster and bring back good memories every day...
  5. An exotic shower curtain
    The bathroom is either a shower or a bath. To protect the floor from splashes, a waterproof shower curtain is very practical, but not always aesthetically pleasing. Forget curtains in old-fashioned or depressing colours, dare to be exotic! Let yourself be tempted by a curtain that represents the jungle, or one that resembles palm leaves: you'll be transported from day to day by something as simple as a curtain or wallpaper.
  6. Wicker or bamboo laundry baskets. No
    more unsightly plastic boxes: Buy a wicker or bamboo laundry baskets. These materials give a zen and elegant atmosphere, appropriate for a bathroom. For a more relaxed atmosphere, feel free to buy several sizes.
  7. Green plants.
    To bring a touch of nature to your bathroom, there's nothing like a green plant! Papyrus, ferns and orchids are suitable plants for this generally humid and warm room. Don't have a green thumb? A picture or poster will do just as well!
  8. Modern lighting.
    What better way to start the day than with a bright bathroom? The ceiling light is discreet and elegant, making it perfect for a modern bathroom. A glass and chrome metal wall lamp blends in with an industrial style, while a minimalist suspension lamp fits in perfectly with a Scandinavian décor.

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