Panoramic floral wallpaper

A few flowers in a house are enough to create a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to flower bouquets and dried flowers, a floral wall decoration is a very attractive way to display your love of flowers. Try a panoramic wallpaper. Flower lovers will love our selection of floral panoramic wallpapers!

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Wall murals adorned with flowers more real than nature

You don't know yet about panoramic wallpapers? You will be surprised by the power of this more than realistic wall decoration which takes up an entire wall! This type of very modern wall covering usually represents a landscape photo. It offers a life-size dive into a bucolic place. Those who swear by floral motifs will appreciate the feeling of being projected into a field of flowers or on a flourishing meadow.

To opt for a floral panoramic wallpaper in one's living room or bedroom is to invite the beauty of flowers into one's home. But it also means experiencing the serenity that comes from seeing these plants on a daily basis.

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with our textile or unwoven panoramic floral wallpaper

The countryside is so tranquil with its beautiful flowers blooming in the meadows and the birds singing gently. Do you like this rejuvenating atmosphere? Find it in your home by choosing an XXL wallpaper that smells like the countryside!

What could be more beautiful than a field of lavender, when the sun rises over Provence and reveals the generosity of these purple flowers? Is there a more restful landscape than a bed of hyacinths at the foot of a forest tree? What could be more picturesque than a valley dotted with bright red poppies?

With our panoramic wallpaper of lush landscapes and flowers, you will be transported into these lush landscapes. A peaceful and dreamlike escape welcome after a tiring day!

The height of gaiety is achieved with arabesque floral wallpaper

To bring cheerfulness into your living room, dining room or bedroom, think of wallpaper panoramic floral arabesques. Flowers have the power to make us feel good immediately. A good reason to dress up your walls with punchy and catchy floral patterns. Prints that will keep you going all day long!

So, from now on, goodbye to white walls and make way for a whirl of roses, camellias and lilies of all colors. Discover without further ado the selection of panoramic floral wallpapers on the floral arabesque theme that we have put together for you. Nothing better for a living room, office or bedroom that rhymes with joy and good humour.

This is a panoramic wallpaper of roses with an old-fashioned charm

In a house with a very classical style, a a panoramic floral tapestry can add a lot of character to a living room, a bedroom or a kitchen. Our wallpapers illustrated with delicate roses evoke the calm and refinement of tea rooms. These fine prints, with subtle details and pastel colours, give pride of place to the queen of flowers.

If you like the elegance of pink, opt for this so British spirit which will give your home a very chic and charming touch.  This style of floral wallpaper is best used if your home is equipped with wooden furniture, or is decorated with gilded frames and antique chandeliers.

Bring colour into your home

With our colorful panoramic wallpaper on the theme of flowers, your home will be filled with rainbows of colors!

If your interior is more in the pure Scandinavian style, a floral panoramic wallpaper will be perfect to add the splash of color colour that your decoration is missing. With Scenolia, you can go for brightly colored floral prints, with a predominance of red, orange and yellow. Or on the contrary, choose a wallpaper with soft pastel colors and more discreet (pale yellow, powder pink, sky blue).

Whatever your choice, the installation of a non-woven or textile flowered wallpaper in your living space will certainly give character to your decor and a very trendy touch.

How to easily hang wallpaper with flowers at home?

The good news with Scenolia wallpaper is that it's easy to put up. Our wallpaper is applied very simply by direct glueing to the wall. Forget the wallpaper table; it won't be needed. Apply glue to the wall and then position the XXL wallpaper. If necessary, adjust the wallpaper size to the wall size of the room in which you want to hang it. Our wall tapestries are indeed cut to measure.

We estimate that the installation of our wallpapers saves you up to 30% compared with traditional wallpaper.

But at Scenolia, we didn't stop there. For the most accurate results, we have implemented a system of laying the sheets edge to edge with "perfect" joints.

Finally, please note that print quality is one of our key concerns. That's why our wallpaper benefits from the latest technology and its eco-responsible ink guarantees excellent resistance to light.

Modern floral wallpaper, classic floral wallpaper, photo realistic wallpaper; have you found the product of your dreams? So don't wait any longer to order your wallpaper on Delivery is free for any order shipped to mainland Europe. 

How to decorate a living room with a floral panoramic wallpaper?

The decoration of your room with a floral panoramic wallpaper depends first and foremost on the general atmosphere you want to create.

If you want to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere with lots of color, go for it! Dare to use accessories in bright and varied colours and multiply flowers in bright colors. This decoration will enhance your wallpaper even more.

However, if you are trying to brighten up a more subdued decoration where white is the dominant color (such as Scandinavian decor), your XXL floral wall covering should fit in with the existing style without any additional embellishments.

Our products are also suitable for other rooms, such as panoramic wallpapers for children's rooms.