Panoramic wallpaper for kids

It is not easy to choose a wall covering for a child's room! Indeed, how to select a print that pleases your child without him getting bored of it as he grows up?
A panoramic wallpaper is definitely a good choice. And here are some large-format images that would look great in your child's room.

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Panoramic wallpapers for children's rooms by Scenolia

A panoramic tapestry for children featuring animals in a frenzy

Children love animals. What if you decorated your child's room with a panoramic wallpaper of their favorite animals? Thanks to the depth effect of this type of wall covering, your little one will feel like he's diving right next to the animals he loves so much.

  • Give him/her a breath of adventure with panoramic jungle wallpapers filled with tropical animals. A sloth hanging from a tree, a toucan resting on a branch, a monkey full of mischief, a panther watching for its prey… your child will love to imagine himself as an explorer in the middle of the tropical forest.
  • Make them dream with these beautiful wallpapers of animals in the heart of their natural environment. Dolphins jumping in the ocean, camels riding in the desert, elephants walking slowly in the savannah… the beauty of these scenes will not fail to delight your kids, and prepare them for a most gentle night.
  • Add a little touch of humour in his/her room with our cow wallpaper! The close-up on the snout of this bovine should amuse him very much.
  • For a more neutral touch, we've got a great selection of black and white panoramic wallpapers that also feature a bunch of awesome drawn animal landscapes. 

Informative wallpapers for those who are eager to learn

It's a well-known fact that children like to play grown-ups! This is good a good thing, because at Scenolia, we have also planned to offer educational panoramic wallpapers.

With our world map wallpaper for kids, your child will be delighted to discover the world's greatness and will quickly learn to locate different countries. This wall covering is available in two models: here is a very popular one with colorful triangles distributed across the map, and a more classic one with the names of countries.

world map panoramic wallpaper for kids

At Scenolia, we have also thought about astronomy enthusiasts! If your child has his head in the stars, choose the panoramic wallpaper solar system. He will enjoy observing the starry sky, the galaxy and the planets before going to bed and will be proud to share his knowledge with his friends.

A beautiful room with beautiful landscape designs

Nature has the power to soothe the mind and bring general well-being. Thanks to our range of wallpapers for children, you can opt for a panoramic wallpaper representing a beautiful photo of nature, for your child's room. A beautiful natural landscape will certainly have some benefits for your little one!

Choose the design according to your kid’s taste! Does he/she like mountains? Jungle? Desert Sea? Your child is sure to find a picture he likes to display in their room, from the variety of landscapes we offer! A wall decoration that is both beautiful and inviting to travel.

A close-up of transportation vehicles for those who love means of locomotion

Your son or daughter is amazed when he sees an airplane in the sky or a tractor on the road? Means of transport have always fascinated children! We have a great selection of children's wallpapers featuring means of transport!

  • If the sight of a boat sailing puts sparkles in your child's eyes, go for the child panoramic wallpaper, perfect for little sailors! A large ship in the heart of the Mediterranean or a boat bobbing in the middle of the ocean… They’re going to love it.
  • If your kid is interested in tractors, check out our printout of a large tractor ploughing a field in the countryside. This gigantic machine will make your little one feel like he’s part of the action.
  • Maybe your child prefers vehicles that move through the sky? In this case, we offer a very nice hot-air balloon wallpaper. The high, colorful balloons soaring towards the clouds will light up your child's bedroom. For those that are into planes and their engines, we've got a wallpaper with a close-up of an airplane engine on the front.

Panoramic wallpaper for a girl's room: we love pink!

Little girls often have more affinity with the pink colour than boys. The colours used in these pink wallpapers are so soft and sweet that they will make your daughter’s room a very special place. This soft, cheerful tone should bring a lot of light into your daughter's room.
What will your daughter fall for?

  • Our beautiful floral wallpaper features pink flowers that look like they're rippling in the breeze. The sky is also pink, creating a dreamlike landscape that's perfect for daydreaming.
  • The pineapple is a popular fruit for decoration because of its stylish and elegant appearance. That's why we decided to use it over and over again with an ocean of pink.
  • How can you not like the flamingo? This animal is so chic that it is omnipresent in decoration! Our wide range of pink flamingo lines will add a very feminine touch to your kid’s bedroom.
  • The boudoir look of our panoramic wallpaper upholstery is the height of aesthetics. This soft, romantic-looking piece will be perfect in your daughter's bedroom.

Panoramic wallpaper for a baby's room: time for sweetness!

Which wallpaper should you choose to decorate a baby's room? Start with a palette of very soft colors. pastel shades (blue, grey, ecru...) and delicate patterns that will contribute to create a peaceful atmosphere in your baby's room

Pale pink shapes, fine and light raindrops, a sea of clouds or intimate shades… Our wallpapers will create a peaceful and stimulating environment for your baby, helping him to develop visually and cognitively. These tones allow for all kinds of decorating ideas! Follow our tips for choosing your baby's nursery wallpaper.

How to hang a panoramic wallpaper in a child's bedroom?

At Scenolia, we make it easy for you to hang panoramic wallpapers in children's rooms. The installation is 30% quicker than with conventional wallpaper. If you are accompanied by a second person, just follow the detailed instructions; even beginners will do very well.

Non-woven wallpapers and textile wallpapers are applied by gluing directly to the wall. If necessary, adjust the size of the wallpaper to the height of the wall and then proceed with the installation.

The benefits of buying your panoramic wallpaper for children's rooms on

You can always enjoy free delivery when you order panoramic wallpaper for children from our online shop Scenolia. We have many different colors and designs that your children will love, and you can expect to receive your wallpaper in just 3-5 working days. Plus, our packaging is environmentally friendly and durable!