Floral wallpaper

A garden full of flowers calms the mind and creates a tranquil atmosphere. It's no surprise that houseplants are also popular as they reduce stress and improve our sense of well-being.

Floral wallpaper can have the same effect. 

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Floral wallpapers and tapestries

Flower wallpaper: a timeless favourite

The cultivation of flowers goes back some time. Flowers are sought after for their beauty, eye-catching colours and subtle fragrance. But they don't just adorn gardens and vases, they can also decorate your walls. Indeed, our floral tapestry is one of our classic wallpapers that is a solid favourite amongst those who're looking to improve their interior decor.

Floral wallpaper creates a warm atmosphere

Botanical decorations have long been on trend, and there have been multiple innovations in this area in recent years. Floral wallpaper completes this look perfectly. Printed images have also undergone rapid evolution, going from classic, old world styles to modern designs, original photographs and slick trompe l'oeils.

Many people are now turning to floral decor with a British touch. Sober, elegant and refined, it gives your living space a tasteful punch of personality. Whether in the living room or in the bedroom, soft tones, such as pink and green, are a must.

Avintage floral style emphasises the design of your furniture. Fine, detailed prints are the defining element of vintage floral wallpaper. Bring a breath of fresh air to your wall with our variety of floral designs. Our 70's design is a perfect example of this style and the orange flowers will give your room some verve. If you like pretty landscapes, our Poppy valley wallpaper is perfect for you. The complementary nature of the elements in this image is simply stunning. A vintage flower design fits seamlessly with any interior decor. Our catalogue includes various sizes: a single strip stands out thanks to its original format, while a XXL wallpaper is sure to impress by covering an entire wall!