Bamboo wallpaper

Bamboo wall decor will give any room a zen style. Green bamboo is the pinnacle of relaxing wall decoration. Opt for relaxing wallpaper in natural colors.

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A zen interior with bamboo wallpaper

The well-being of a bamboo forest

Nothing could be more soothing than the sight of a bamboo grove to bring a sense of peace and contentment.  

If you do not possess bamboo in your home, consider utilizing a wallpaper with a natural aesthetic! Choose it preferably in a large size and in a panoramic format in order to cover an entire wall. This will reinforce the "plunge into the heart of a bamboo forest" feeling and will guarantee you a relaxing escape.

On our Scenolia online wallpaper shop, we have selected some very high-quality photos of bamboo. The trompe l'oeil effect of each photo is striking! Don't wait any longer to dress up your living room or bedroom with a bamboo wallpaper. Make your interior a tribute to nature and zen with a panoramic forest wallpaper.

The rejuvenating power of the colour green

It has been proven that green soothes the mind and provides immediate relaxation and serenity. This colour which reminds of nature is thus perfect for a resting room like the living room or the bedroom. With its deep and luminous green colour, the woven bamboo wallpaper from Scenolia will ensure you of pleasant and relaxing evenings and restful nights. The green wallpaper is therefore a good idea for a zen wall decoration.

Bamboo wallpaper for a zen interior

The purity of Chinese art in wallpaper

With its delicate leaves and beautiful trunk, bamboo is an essential natural motif in Chinese art. In the East, it continues to inspire artists and to be the subject of paintings and illustrations.
Scenolia gives pride of place to this millenary art with the addition, in its bamboo wallpaper range, of two illustrated wallpapers to be purchased with free delivery.

The bamboo drawn in Indian ink takes on a very graphic and refined look. Beige and black, the zen wallpaper will perfectly decorate a living room, a bedroom or a corridor.
Our other available wall mural wallpaper roll model is a watercolour bamboo. It represents small birds resting on bamboo leaves. The poetic aspect of this drawing will bring a welcome daily peace to a home.

How should a room with bamboo wallpaper be decorated?

An essential symbol of Zen, bamboo has been seducing decorating enthusiasts for several years. This modern oriental plant is now everywhere, on photo frames, on dishes, on cushions, and even on wallpapers!

A mix of real and fake bamboo

What if, to enhance the beauty of your bamboo forest wallpaper, you installed real bamboos in your home?
The presence of 2 or 3 bamboos in the room where you have put up the wallpaper will transform it into a haven of well-being and zen. A natural bamboo will be the ultimate in decoration. Spread this plant around your room!
And if the maintenance and rapid growth of bamboo scarea you, you can always opt for artificial bamboo. Some of them are indeed the subject of the most realistic imitation.

The most peaceful atmosphere possible

Is your goal to create a decoration where relaxation is king? So, multiply the Zen accessories.

Buddha statues, miniature Japanese gardens, stacked pebbles, lotus flowers or yin and yang wall stickers, candles... Paired with soft colours and a minimalist decor, these items will be perfect for a soothing and calming room!

A subtle decoration that enhances the bamboo wallpaper

Have you opted for a roll of bamboo panoramic wallpaper in your living room? Green is thus honoured in your interior and the simple act of entering the room offers you a most relaxing escape. 

To maximize on this serene atmosphere, go for a subtle decoration. The sofa, rug, decorative items, furniture, and wall frames will be in very soft hues. Prefer colours such as beige, off-white, taupe, or black and white. Therefore, your woven bamboo wallpaper will draw the eye and its peaceful effect will be multiplied.

Why choose Scenolia's bamboo wallpapers?

Its originality, excellent value for money, and easy installation makes Scenolia's bamboo wallpaper an excellent choice. All Scenolia's wallpapers are printed in France, near the city of Lyon, guaranteeing excellent quality materials and printing.

Our bamboo images are carefully selected to ensure beautiful high-resolution large wallpapers. Whether in strips or as a monobloc, our non-woven paper and textile fabrics are surprisingly easy to hang. You can hang the product on your own, or with two people, in about twenty minutes.

Our shop offers adhesives that are compatible with our materials. They are sold separately; we prefer to leave it up to our customers to choose whether or not to use these additional installation accessories. In any case, we provide installation instructions with each bamboo wallpaper and a demonstration video is available on our YouTube channel.
Over to you!

How to hang your bamboo forest non-woven wallpaper?

Do you have your roll of wallpaper? Now it's time for the installation. Our wallpapered mural fabric or textile is directly applied to the wall by glue. No need for a tablecloth to put this product on!
If necessary, you can cut the bamboo forest wallpaper to fit the height of your wall. Use a brush to then brush away any air bubbles from the paper.

Now all you have to do is admire your wall decoration and the deep colour of your panoramic bamboo wallpaper!