Wall decoration Violet

Wall decoration Violet


Purple is making a comeback in interior design. This colour, which used to be difficult to place in your interior, is now making a comeback. We find it in small touches in our bedrooms, kitchen, office and even our living rooms.

A purple wall is no longer shocking in a room. It fits in perfectly with everyday life and can be combined with a few objects in the same tone. Purple decor is back in style!

You can decorate a room in plum shades to create a cocooning ambience. This shade of purple goes well with grey: Grey curtains, cosy e aubergine rugs, mauve cushions, anthracite bed linen, a lilac bedside lamp... Dare to set off your purple décor with a lively and bright purple panoramic wallpaper.

Purple pixel canvas print
Hummingbird wallpaper
COLIBRIS wallpaper
Lavender field poster and art print
Photo by Myriam Pasquet
MESSAGERE canvas print

The team's decorating tips

To give your decor the perfect finishing touch, you may be wondering: which colour goes best with purple? As its complementary colour is yellow, we don't recommend this combination unless you want to create a deliberate, strong visual contrast.

If you're going for an intimate and understated atmosphere, we recommend combining it with grey. Powdered purple with mouse grey is a very on trend colour combinatioon. If you opt for a dark purple, we recommend combining it with turquoise blue. This will bring a brightness to your flat or house, while maintaining a harmonious look.

Décoration murale Violet

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