Wall decoration Black

Wall decoration Black


Undeniably sober and elegant, discover black in decoration with Scenolia. A black wall has an intense depth and thus immediately connotes the room. The difficulty lies in achieving balance between the contrast of dark and light within the house. The brighter your interior, the more black decor elements you can afford to use.

Choose black and gold bedroom decor for its chic and luxurious feel. Mix materials for a contemporary look. The black decor is suited to the bedroom because it invites sleep.

Create an industrial style in your living room with black decoration and metal furniture. Add the finishing touch to your home with a black and white chequered rug.

Black boxes wallpaper
Black contour line poster
Buffalo canvas print
BUFFALO SKULL canvas print
Black and white pattern wallpaper

The team's decorating tips

Mixing materials and colours:
The combination of black and wood decor is also a great idea. Wood provides the warmth that this dark colour lacks, and their contrast creates a balance.

Décoration murale Black

Decorating a black themed room

Black decor is dark and intriguing. It creates a very special feeling in a living room or bedroom. Discover our wallpapers, posters, wall-hangings, prints and black blinds. This range has plenty to inspire you. Find your ideal black decoration from our large selection of black images: tropical motifs, engravings, marble, geometric patterns, designer photos, animal illustrations... Be on top of the trends!

Black and white buffalo canvas print
BUFFLE canvas print
Black and white wall decoration
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