Imitation wood privacy screen

More present than ever in our homes with the public's enthusiasm for Scandinavian style, wood is a classic material that can give a refined look to a room when used in the right way. For an easy to maintain and trendy outdoor privacy screen, choose the trompe l'oeil version that looks like wood!

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Why choose an imitation wood privacy screen?

Wood is a material that is appreciated for its aesthetics. In a garden, a small touch of wood immediately brings a very warm side. Whether it's a wooden fence or a trompe l'oeil fence on a balcony, the authentic and timeless charm of this noble material will make your outdoor space both welcoming and elegant.

The wood is very harmonious and easy to match! The natural appearance of the wood-imitation privacy screen will blend perfectly into your environment and will fit perfectly into your outdoor decor. In addition, the softness of wood will provide a feeling of well-being; As soon as you enter your little nest, you will feel good and relaxed.

The aesthetic of a wood-effect privacy screen without the drawbacks of wood

In a garden, a wooden fence requires rigorous maintenance (stain, protective varnish...). Depending on the type, it is not always resistant to weather and temperature changes and must be replaced regularly. A concealment solution that can be complex and require time and organization.

Would you like to enjoy the aesthetics of wood without its drawbacks? Turn to a wood-like privacy screen! Blackout covers and outdoor hangings are just as effective at blocking out light as a slatted panel. Unlike this product, both are even very easy to handle and can be placed anywhere: against a gate, on a wall, on a balustrade… In addition, our privacy screens are intended for outdoor use all year round; once installed, you will no longer have to worry about them!

Moreover, the very realistic and natural aspect of our trompe l’oeil privacy screen is sure to confuse your family and guests!

Trompe l'oeil wood-effect privacy screen: several designs to choose from

With our selection of wood effect privacy screens, lovers of this beautiful material will have a lots of choice!

Our cheap privacy screens with colored wooden is a must-have! Or choose our blue trompe l'oeil wood panel. These decorative privacy screen will protect your garden or fence from outside looks while adding a touch of charm!
To extend a contemporary interior decoration, take advantage of the very trendy aspect of our round wooden logs privacy screen. And let's not forget our model which imitates several types of wood in an elegant shade of brown.
Finally, in a more classic style, we suggest the chic and timeless teak imitate privacy screen and false wooden fence. This is both chic and subdued!

And if you can't make up your mind which product to choose, feel free to vary the prints according to your mood, the season or your decoration!

How to arrange this decoration in your garden or on your terrace?

The wood-imitation privacy screen will enhance an interior style that emphasizes natural materials. This trompe-l'oeil screen can be installed absolutely anywhere; with wood, no risk of bad taste!

Are you looking to protect yourself from outside looks, delineate a part of your yard, or hide a damaged facade? Fix your privacy screen against a gate, fence, balcony, terrace, or even on a wall. Discover our balcony privacy screens here.

With its 100% obscurity level, our wood imitation privacy screen gives you optimal privacy in your outdoor space. Some other advantages of our product: its easy installation and great resistance to weather (rain, cold, sun)!