Leaf foliage privacy screen

Just like the interior, exterior design must be thought out carefully. Enjoy the good weather on your terrace! An elegant and friendly setting will make your time here even more enjoyable. While some people prefer to decorate their garden, terrace or balcony with a BEIGE STONE privacy screen, others choose the CUISANCE privacy screen or the CHARMING WOOD privacy screen. So it's obviously a matter of taste. To invite nature into your outdoor space, Scenolia offers you a wide selection of leaf foliage privacy screens. Order your artificial leaves privacy screen on our website to enhance your outdoor decor!

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A cheap leaf foliage privacy screen will give your garden more character

The garden is an ideal setting for relaxation and rest, to have a good time with friends, and family, to eat and drink. It is a place to be together. However, if it's a place you like to share with your loved ones, you certainly wouldn't like to share it with strangers. To regain intimacy and privacy in your garden, the imitation leaf privacy screen is the ideal garden accessory that allows you to stay out of sight from nosy neighbours and passers-by. Nowadays, there are many artificial hedges that imitate plant hedges very well: palm leaves, vine leaves, jasmine, boxwood...

On Scenolia.com, you will find an interesting selection of low-cost leaf-like privacy screens to embellish your exterior. Our artificial leaf privacy screens are easy to install and weatherproof. A true decorative item for your garden, balcony, terrace or pool. The Scenolia leaf privacy screen brings character to your outdoor space. We offer different lengths and heights so that the accessory fits perfectly into your exterior and meets all your needs. You can thus vary the effects and compose a unique hedge with a natural effect.

Foliage-like privacy screen

The artificial foliage privacy screen is an excellent alternative to a natural hedge. One of the big advantages of our leaf-like privacy screen is that it is easy and quick to install. In a short time, you will be able to redecorate your garden quickly and be shielded from your neighbors' view. You don't have to wait for the artificial hedge to grow like you do with a natural hedge. The Scenolia foliage privacy screen is UV treated, which helps it keep its color and fresh appearance for many years. The artificial hedges we offer are resistant to both sun and frost.

Unlike a natural hedge, the artificial foliage of the privacy screen does not attract insects, which avoids the disturbance caused by their presence during outdoor meals. This is a considerable advantage and makes the accessory an ideal element for edging your balcony or terrace. In addition, the extreme flexibility of the PVC product allows you to unleash your creativity. You can add flowers or string lights to accent your outdoor decor for summer family gatherings or romantic dinners for two.

Do not hesitate to order the privacy screen of your choice on Scenolia to enhance your garden, your terrace, your balcony or even your pool. You will find on our shop artificial hedges of different dimensions ranging from 3 to 5 meters long and 80 cm to 2 m high at affordable prices. However, you have the possibility to order specific dimensions. Please contact us to let us know your wishes.

Which leaf-like privacy screen should you choose for your balcony?

Our imitation foliage privacy screen is the ideal decorative accessory for your balcony. Its choice depends mainly on the quality of the blackout. Depending on the density and shape of the foliage, you can see more or less through the privacy screen. The choice of the privacy screen can therefore vary if you want total or partial occultation, depending on the area to be concealed, for example. Someone who wishes to install an artificial foliage screen to provide shade or just for decoration will not make the same choice as someone who wishes to completely hide a relaxation area from the view of their neighbours or passers-by. 

At Scenolia, we offer you the finish with a blackout level of 100%. You can enjoy optimum protection against the wind, as this printed privacy screen acts as a decorative product. This accessory prevents draughts and reduces noise pollution, allowing you to enjoy outdoors. Your choice also depends on your preference for a particular model. Select the foliage-like privacy screen you like on our site and create an original green space.

How to install a foliage privacy screen?

The installation of the imitation leaves privacy screen is quick and easy. With the help of clips, you can simply attach your artificial foliage privacy screen to a fence or a barrier, for example. You can buy specially designed ties for fixing artificial hedges in our shop. In order to install a foliage privacy screen, you must first drill holes in your wall in the desired places so that you can attach the small suspension hooks. You will then need to position your leaf-like privacy screen in the hooks. This installation is quick and solid, as the privacy-screen is windproof.

How to maintain foliage and leaves imitation privacy screen?

Our trompe l'oeil privacy screen requires almost no maintenance. It does not need regular watering or pruning to maintain its aesthetic appeal as a natural hedge. Maintenance of a privacy screen is quick and easy. It only needs to be washed once or twice a year. The most unpleasant tasks that a foliage and leaves imitation privacy screen can present are possibly the accumulated dust and bird droppings. These stains can simply be removed with a damp cloth which you should rub over the stained area.

If the stain does not come out, add a little dishwashing liquid and scrub until it disappears. For general maintenance of your foliage and leaves imitation privacy screen, simply spray it with a garden hose and that's it. Both practical and aesthetic, the Scenolia foliage and leaves imitation privacy screen will easily find its place in your garden. Whatever your desires, you will find the right model on our site. Foliage and leaves imitation privacy  screens are decorative elements in their own right, bringing a touch of nature to your outdoor space. Then order a cheap leaf foliage privacy screen on our shop to enjoy its many benefits.