Trompe l'oeil privacy screen

Create the illusion of a large garden by hanging a decorative privacy screen against your fence. Make a statement by erecting an old stone wall on your balcony with a printed canvas. Give your terrace an endless view with a picture of the sea. Give the impression of a whole new space opening up behind your wall with a trompe l'oeil door. We've got a lot of tricks up our sleeve which will enlarge your exterior and make it look great. Discover Scenolia's trompe l'oeil outdoor decorations!

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Open up your garden to the world with a trompe l'oeil screen

The trompe l'oeil is an element that makes us believe something else. The perception of our eye is analysed by our brain and gives the illusion of another space. We are deceived by our own senses.

With an image, one can give the illusion of a material or space. For example, a print of a stone wall on a balcony breaker really gives the impression of the texture of the stone, with the coolness of the moss on top. The material imitation is printed in a very realistic way. An exterior hanging with a photograph of a porch overlooking the sea gives the impression of height. You really imagine yourself in that place, even though it is not physically there.

Multiple trompe l'oeil features to decorate your exterior: terrace, garden and balcony

Outdoor decorations can be useful for hiding a damaged hedge with a vine print, or for bringing flowers into a paved courtyard with a vertical screen containing an r image of a climbing plant. You can also create a border around your property with fake wooden fences (which do not tarnish!) or foliage (but without the burden of pruning the plants!). With a trompe l'oeil perspective, you can open up your garden to a totally playful space, such as an access to a private beach.