Balcony privacy screen

There are lots of reasons why you might choose to install a privacy screen on your balcony. Whatever the reason, you should choose equipment that corresponds to the structure of your home and has a beautiful finish. Scenolia offers a variety of original and elegant privacy screens for balconies

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Which balcony screen should I choose?

You're spoilt for choice on Scenolia. Our range of balcony screens can be adapted to any structure and are easy to install. If you're wanting to give your balcony a casual touch, choose a privacy screen with eyelets that can be fixed to sight-glass brackets (sold as accessories). Choose an imitation wood privacy screen to create a false fence on your balcony. This trompe l'oeil will have a fantastic aesthetic effect.

A privacy screen brings warmth to your balcony through colourful printed images and various landscapes. It is highly resistant and perfect for outdoor use. Our privacy screens are a great way to protect yourself from the wind and sun when relaxing on your balcony. But, most importantly, they're the perfect way to keep prying eyes at bay!

Opt for the best cheap canisse cover

At Scenolia, our priority is providing high-quality privacy screens at an affordable price. After all, your balcony is a precious space. Our privacy screens are robust and can withstand any weather. They are specially designed to last for years without deteriorating. Choose from a selection of printed images such as: a trompe l'oeil stone wall, a beautiful, white sandy beach or an image representing the beauty of nature. Their design combines modernity, elegance and originality, allowing you to decorate your balcony, or even the exterior of your business premises.

A large choice of blackout screens for your balcony: bamboo, wood or landscape imitation

More than 150 visuals are available on Scenolia to meet everyone's desires. Vary the atmosphere on your balcony according to your moods or the seasons: beach, nature, floral, trompe l'oeil material. Match your decor with your balcony furniture! The trompe l'oeil design screen can be a stone wall, an artificial hedge, green bamboo or other colours.

Windscreen for outdoor use

Scenolia privacy screens protect you from prying eyes while decorating your balcony with taste. Decorate your exterior with a durable . The windbreak also protects you from draughts. The PVC sheeting material is designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions: rain, wind, sun... Your exterior remains beautiful all year round with a decorative view screen on your terrace. While the trees lose their leaves and the flowers wither, your privacy screen will retain its colour and charm. Several formats are available to suit all balcony lengths: 3 and 5 metres in standard formats, and even made to measure.

How do I install, fit and fasten the PVC privacy screen?

Scenolia privacy screens are fitted with eyelets all round (top, bottom and sides) at 50 cm intervals. It is very convenient to attach it to a balcony fence with a string, clips or special fasteners (sold on the website as installation accessories).