Imitation stone privacy screen

Do you want to preserve your privacy without spoiling your beautiful decor? Our stone privacy screen is undoubtedly the perfect solution if you want to enjoy your balcony, garden or terrace in an original and stylish way. If you are convinced by this contemporary art deco, let yourself be inspired by the collection of imitation stone sunshades Scenolia and enjoy a more real than natural look!

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A blackout screen to keep prying eyes at bay

Do you feel uncomfortable when your neighbour interrupts your nap on your terrace? That's completely understandable. Valuing your privacy doesn't mean your anti-social. Sometimes you just need to have some time alone to recharge your batteries. Installing a stone privacy screen is a great way to relax outside and keep prying eyes at bay.

The natural appearance of this decoration is its greatest asset. It provides a pleasant view with an extremely realistic effect. A stone imitation privacy screen also provides effective protection from the wind.

Stone privacy screens: an easy-to-install decorative solution

Hanging a stone privacy screen from Scenolia on your existing fence or balcony railing is easy. Anyone can install this beautiful, decorative feature. It only takes a few moments. You can even use this decorative solution to completely enclose a small garden or balcony. You can also use it to decorate the fence around your pool. In this way, the safety element becomes decorative. Clever, isn't it?

Our range of pvc imitation stone privacy screens is highly scratch and weather resistant. Treat yourself with this garden decoration that combines modernity and originality, and keep yourself sheltered from the elements and prying eyes all year round!