Pool privacy screen

Want to swim in privacy? Then it's a good idea to get a pool screen installed on your property. This decorative item will keep prying eyes at bay. It maintains your privacy, allowing you to spend the summer having fun with friends and family. 

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Highly resistant pool screens on Scenolia

When choosing a pool screen, weather resistance and durability are important criteria to consider. That's why each style of pool screen on Scenolia is highly resistant to external weather conditions (rain, wind, sun, etc.). The inks and canvas we use are robust. Our durable privacy screens are suited to all seasons, giving you peace of mind all year, every year.

Beautiful images for your outdoor space

Design should not be overlooked. If you want a modern and unique exterior, choose a stylish privacy screen. At Scenolia, we have several styles featuring beautiful decorative images. Our pool screens offer a stunning finish and blend in with the rest of your garden.

You can create a false wall with an imitation stone screen or give the impression of being on holiday by the sea with a Mediterranean landscape screen. You could also create the illusion of swimming in a river with a nature-themed screen, or blooms around your pool with a flowered one.... There are plenty of options!

Which pool screen is right for you?

Making your pool private has become a real necessity for pool owners. However, this equipment doesn't function as a safety measure. A 100% blackout screen is a natural and resistant solution to protecting your privacy. It's also an excellent way to elegantly decorate the edges of your pool. The reed fence imitation screen is an excellent choice in terms of both durability and aesthetic.