Outdoor floral privacy screen

Flowers always make a green corner more beautiful! Have an outdoor space but not got green fingers? Have a terrace but no greenery? Our floral privacy screen is the perfect decoration to enhance your exterior. It'll create an original garden space at a low price, and you won't need to take care of it. Discover our privacy screen.

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Flowers colour the world!

Inject some colour onto your walls with a floral image print! There are thousands of species of flowers which come in hundreds of different colours: the bright red of the rose, the symbol of passion; the yellow of the forsythia, which blooms even in winter; the pure white of the sweet magnolia, a small shrub that flowers in spring. You'll find every colour of the rainbow in our outdoor decoration photo of flowering plants. Green is also commonplace in foliage (giant leaves, waterfalls lined with plants, fields, blades of grass, etc.). Dare to use colour to create a lively decor.

Outdoor privacy screens bring a bit more cheer to your garden. They're a great way of creating a low-cost outdoor garden full of flowers. If you have a paved inner courtyard, hanging a vertical privacy screen can give the illusion of a flowering hedge, adding a colourful touch to your exterior. If you have a hedge, why not create a unique exterior decor and hang a trompe l'oeil garden decoration displaying a faux fence interwoven with flowering plants. You could hang a decoration with an image of a bouquet of flowers on the wall of a tiled terrace to create a romantic atmosphere.

Discover our selection of outdoor floral decorations. If you want to make your choice from a wider range of outdoor products, check out the current outdoor trends.