Floral posters and prints

Nothing brings charm to your home like a beautiful floral decor. If you're wanting to bring nature into your home, our floral posters and floral prints are sure to dazzle you and fill you with inspiration. Discover our range of posters with delicate floral designs, created for interiors with character!

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Floral posters and prints

Floral posters: give your home a romantic touch

If you're a sentimental person, dare to show your floral side with our collection of original floral posters original. The range of different designs available on our shop are sure to set the mood and conjure Cupid. Lose yourself in your sweetest daydreams by creating a romantic atmosphere. It's not just your bedroom that could benefit from this style of decor: your living room, dining room and kitchen can also be given a fresh look with our range offloral posters available in various sizes. Scenolia offers an array of original and elegant designs. Our posters will help you make the most of every room in your home. Highlighting your walls with a simple floral print will bring your decor together.

Floral posters and prints to suit every taste

Scenolia's floral wall decorations are undoubtedly excellent value for money. The printed floral patterns we offer are specially designed to give your home a personal touch. Be inspired by our floral designs. From jasmine flowers to roses, we have a wide variety of flowers just waiting to put the finishing touch on your interior. A beautiful landscape poster with flowers will transport you to an enchanted world.

If you're looking for quality, Scenolia's floral posters and prints won't disappoint. In addition to being original, all models are printed in high quality and are very easy to attach to walls.