Bathroom poster

Scenolia offers decorative, waterproof wall posters for your bathroom.
Take a look at our bathroom decoration ideas and choose the one that matches the rest of your house and the surrounding rooms. Discover our door stickers, giant posters and panoramic posters designed to embellish your walls.

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Which poster for my bathroom?

The bathroom is not an easy room to decorate. First of all, the wall covering chosen must be resistant to the conditions in the room: water splashes and humidity. Our printed textile fabric is a suitable material for this environment. It is also washable and tearproof. There are resistant textile coverings.

Then there is the question of the visual and the size. The shower room can vary from a few square metres to a dozen. You will not have the same needs. In this range, we have posters in a variety of sizes to fit all rooms. You should also know that all our posters can be resized, i.e. re-cut by you to the dimensions of your walls. Cutting is easy and does not damage the fabric.

Opt for a landscape door sticker if you want to give the illusion of depth. Dare to use a humorous poster in your children's bathroom or a romantic poster in your parents' suite.